Monday, December 28, 2009

News Flash

A few years ago SSRS assigned one of his full time German teachers the task of surfing the net for anything negative written about the AoL/ SSRS.

For someone so enlightened, worrying about negative reviews and having someone actually check for them and print them out for him is a little too much, isn’t it?

Oh, by the way, "Say Hi."


Anonymous said...

I think that is very very positive of SSRS.

Looks like SSRS would like to know what is being viewed negatively about him and then he can certainly take cues to improve from there. That is democratic.

Afterall Gurus are born to serve humankind isnt it?

He is showing lots of grit to actually search out and read even venomous criticism. Good thing He is positive so he doesn't have to visit a shrink because he cant handle negativity!!

Another positive sign is that he hasn't created a blog to bash his critics!! His blog gives out just knowledge to ignite people's deeper thinking!! Again useful only if people are capable to Think !!!

KLIM said...

He sends messages to them though. Have you not seen them?

Poorna said...

Ravishankar and his org are pretty much on the lookout for news about themselves all the time. Both Positive and Negative. After all what else does his organization have other than News and Publicity. Their main and only job is to create news. It is the siddi of PR at work. I got to know about how Guruphiliac was read by Ravishankar along with a few of his chelas. Ravishankar was not all that pleased and he gave a very poor public response to the criticism in Guruphiliac. His response exposed his narcissism and megalomania even more.I am sure Klim's blog is being scrutinized and reviewed by AOL insiders including Ravishankar himslef. If Ravishankar and his chelas are reading this - 'Hi there you suckers. Why don't you lead honest lives'.
These blogs serve a great purpose of awareness on herd behaviour and brain washing in personality cults. There are many times Ravishankar and AOL have retracted their false claims after being exposed in blogs. One example being Ravishankar's false claims about advanced degree in physics at 17 years. Now none in AOL talk about it. I hope this blog will enlighten gurus and they become more human and come down from their high pedestal.