Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Klim and AOLeaving and all,

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One finds his own path. Every Guru says he will only show the way and not hold your finger throughout the journey.
It is one thing leaving a movement dejected (or rejected?), but just finding fault with it blogging negatively on it, collecting like-minded dejectees (to rhyme with devotees) is such a horrible waste of good time and energy. Leave SSRS and AOL, fine. But put your time in some useful work, some seva. What?
Seva is a better way of getting rid of frustration. Blogging is mere energy loss.
No point in commenting on my comment, as I will not visit again here. I had enough of reading Guru-bashing stuff.
Anyway, thanks for another perspective.
Jai Gurudev.


Betty said...

Anon said...No point in commenting on my comment, as I will not visit again here.

I wonder if this fellow will have the humility to admit coming back to check on responses to his post.
IMO Klim is doing seva with his blog. The more these kinds of blogs exist, exposing such creatures as She She, Sly Baba, Puketananda, and the many other scum who call themselves Gurus while preying on the sincere seekers, the better. If there is not a blog for exposing the same kind of guys among christian evangelicals, please start one now.

Anonymous said...

KLIM, did this guy hack into your account and post this?

Anonymous said...

To me this blog is about recovery from spiritual abuse.I 100% agree with Betty. I was only part of AoL for a short time but still felt abused by the attitudes and demands of the people in charge. There was no time for a time for seva that did not involve AoL (and there are many things one can do to help others that have nothing whatsoever to do with AoL). One had to accept that Ravi was the avatar, the sat guru come to save the world as he had (supposedly) many times in the past. The kryia experience was good for me personally,I must like to hyperventilate. On one course I thought I was dealing with sociopaths if not straight up psychotics when I was dealing with the instructors. It also seemed that the more mentally unstable you were and the less you demonstrated personal integrity, the better you were treated by the organization on certain courses. My experience was like being trapped in some really unbalanced scenario, not a sublime spiritual experience. KLIM, please keep blogging are helping many heal. My question to myself is still why did I get involved in such a deleterious organization in the first place? And, to the writer of the original post, if you want to see negative energy, just look at some of the senior teachers in AoL. They have thrown there life away. (Anon)

Art of Leaving said...

Well, we know the rest of AOL is watching...

Anon: "Blogging is mere energy loss."

For me this blog has tremendous awareness-raising and therapeutical value. Part of the reason is exactly because it gives people who have been through a lot of trauma the space to articulate their experiences and express strong emotions.

The idea that some "useful work", some "good seva" is a solution for anything and everything, is one of the big problems I had with AOL. People are supposed to "keep a smile on their face", do "seva" and suppress everything else.

That is a good recipe for causing all kinds of mental health problems in the long run. It also causes the organisational culture to become shallow and mindless, because all critical discussion and reflection have been suspended.

I would recommend that your Guruji open up discussion within AOL about the movement's culture and about AOL courses - especially about any weaknesses, negative effects, problems, etc. Also about his own strengths and weaknesses.

Reflect self-critically on why a need for a blog such as this one has arisen. Where have the organisation and Guru gone wrong, been unkind or neglectful (whether intentionally or unintentionally). Why is there not any mechanism to deal constructively with grievances coming from inside or outside? What suitable mechanism can be created?

Let people be allowed to talk openly. Let the discussions take place at all levels. And don't let it just be window-dressing. I know there are critical and creative voices within the org, they are just not allowed the opportunity to speak or make an impact.

If AOL draft some constructive proposals for grievance mechanisms and a more democratic organisational culture, there might be some ex-devotees (like myself) who would be willing to comment.

I predict your Guruji would win more devotion and respect if he has the courage to start out on this route.


Anonymous said...

Klim ! You leave aside SSRS and AOL to collect money by making fool of everyone in the universe. What would you get by creating an awareness among people. You should let them become licking machines or devotee.Why are you trying to make them sane creatures who can question because then they would be rejected from a group of cursed misanthropists and become 'dejectees'

Listen to Mr. anonymous who has posted previous comment.

hippie said...

Blogging and exposing the scam is a great SEVA to prevent spiritual seekers from falling prey to these cut-throat commercial gurus who are total fraud.

Thank you so much for writing this blog

Anonymous said...

I am happy and satisfied that I am not continuing Kriya and AOL. Though I attended kriya 2 years back, due to my own doubts, I discontinued it. But again last year I did it. But my doubts kept haunting me on the harmful effects, because I know pranayama and yoga which are more traditional and absolutely harmless. Instead of promoting those, why new methods like 'Kriya', that too copyrighted to AOL should be promoted. Through this blog, that too from the erstwhile AOL teachers,my stand gets vindicated. Thanks Klim for this excellent eye opening blogs. We need more AOL volunteers and teachers to speak out and participate in this blogs. Only such things would create a great awakening for all of us who are always looking for modern and new stress busters and land up with Kriya or Power Yoga etc.. WE should stick to the traditional yoga and pranayama by joining some scientific institutions rather than AOL.