Thursday, June 3, 2010

Proverbs 16:10-16 The Message

A good leader motivates, doesn't mislead, doesn't exploit.

God cares about honesty in the workplace; your business is his business.

Good leaders abhor wrongdoings of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation.

Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth.

An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; you're smart to stay clear of someone like that.

Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they're like spring rain and sunshine.

Get wisdom - it's worth money; choose insight over income every time.


Svetana said...

Dear Klim,
Thank you for the proverbs.

It's been a pleasure to get to know you. Your blog helped and will help a lot of people. You are FREE now. Be Happy!
I hope we'll stay in touch, my friend.

Below are some quotes for people, who are involved in cults to think about:
Friedrich Nietzsche:

Insanity in individuals is rare - but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule.

When a hundred men stand together, each of them loses his mind and gets another one.

In Heaven, all the interesting people are missing.

I understand by 'freedom of spirit' something quite definite - the unconditional will to say No, where it is dangerous to say No.

George Bernard Shaw:

It is easy - terribly easy - to shake a man's faith in himself. To take advantage of that, to break a man's spirit is devil's work.

One man who has a mind and knows it can always beat ten men who haven't and don't.

The savage bows down to idols of wood and stone, the civilized man to idols of flesh and blood.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.

- Albert Einstein:

The world is a dangerous place to live - not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former

A successful man is he who receives a great deal from his fellow men, usually incomparably more than corresponds to his service to them. The value of a man, however, should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive

- G. K. Chesterton
To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it.

- Anonymous
Men think highly of those who rise rapidly in the world; whereas nothing rises quicker than dust, straw, and feathers

- Meher Baba
The finding of God is the coming to one's own Self.

WhistleBlower said...

Thanks so much for these powerful & most apt quotes. Simply Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who dont know, these are not random quotes but quotes from the Holy Bible. I am Hindu, but have read the bible. Its amazing how powerful the Bible is! Its very clear about whats right and whats wrong. And thats what I like about it.

Riddhi said...

I have worked (or rather done Seva) the way AOLf puts in the Art of Living International HQ in India for some months. Although I went there on my own will, I realized after some months that the place was not for me… It was full of hypocrites who did not believe in doing anything substantially good for the society but just took the Guru’s name day and night. There is a lot of brainwashing and blind following that goes on there. They make you feel that you are incomplete and your life is full of conflicts without doing their courses. They make you do seva of all sorts… sweeping the ashram etc in their advanced courses in the guise of earning good karma etc. I also encountered an incident while doing the DSN course…. a course participant ended up coming late on the first day and shockingly the volunteer of the course asked her to shell out Rs.2000 as penalty or gave her the option of going back home. The participant was foolish enough to give the money too. As a part of the course, we were assigned to go out to some stretches of Bangalore and sell their Journalism course to people. We had to go back and report to the teacher how many people showed interest and how many potential students’ mobile numbers did we get! Well… it left me wondering if I had enrolled for a spiritual course or a marketing course?

Also, how come Sri Sri’s sister’s children have studied in the best schools abroad with our hard-earned money? Whatever happened to the vedic system of education and the vedic schools that are run in the Ashram?

There was some amount of good work too, like adoption of many tribal children and providing for their education, food and stay etc. but maybe that was just an excuse to show the world that the money was going somewhere and at the same time brainwashing the kids minds.

Also, I remember forcing the Content Manager of their website to display where the donations are being used, just as any credible NGO would do. She kept dodging that topic. They have not put up any such thing till date.

I have lived with the inmates. There were so many robberies that took place in the Ashram in my presence. Also, check this – The ones who work in Sumeru Software Solutions ( the software company operating from the Ashram) get better rooms to stay in as they pay for them. The other Ashramites (real devotees) have to share dingy rooms. I see no compassion ( that is preached by AOLf) here.

Most of the higher designation teachers and volunteers flaunt their Blackberrys and Macs.

Having said all this, the organisation sucks but I still have some respect for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

And I thank my stars and my fiance for getting me out of Art of Living! I definitely feel much more alive now :)