Sunday, May 30, 2010

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Ravishankar loves being the center of attention and definitely loves being in the news. Again, he made it. Times of India writes on the 31st of May 2010, “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar escapes bid on life as man fires at car.”

I know that an incident like this should provoke some sympathy or pity in me towards him. I know. But, even if I try hard, I find nothing but laughter. I know it is politically incorrect but I find it humorous.

Here it is. The guy who spoke down on Gandhiji, insinuating that the man known for his message of non-violence, “ahimsa”, died in a violent way because he had violence within. Here is the man who waved off female devotees raped or beaten up by his devotees by telling them it was their fault or that they deserved it since “Violence attracts violence. Your karma.” Here it is. The man who always boasted nothing would ever happen to him because he was pure love, while speaking ill of other gurus, attacked by gunfire.

It truly amazes me how skillful he is at turning things around and manipulating people. “Violence attracts violence”, he always insisted, but when he is the one attracting violence he says, “For one who is established in non-violence, all kinds of hostility ceases.” Gee! How convenient! Can you please make up your mind? Is that how he will distract everyone from the incident that actually counts? That HE attracted violence to himself, even for just that moment, even if the attack did not fulfill its purpose?! HE ATTRACTED VIOLENCE.

At the end of the day, he turns the knowledge up and down in whichever way satisfies his needs. But, like a friend cleverly said, “Maybe he should listen to more knowledge.”

To make it worse, I guess his act had its effect on some people since someone left a comment in this blog blaming “disgruntled people” for the attack.

You got to be kidding me! Honey, wake up! Is RS never responsible for anything? When he attacks, he is helping us grow and eliminate our bad karmas. But when he is attacked, it is our fault. The truth is more disgruntled people should come out to do something about all the illegal activities that occur thru and in his organization, ranging from exploitation, to swindling, to cheating, to physical abuse, to sexual harassment and fondling, etc. He himself, not a little blog, is responsible for today’s attack. And, I bet it is not the first time nor the first person who has wanted to “get rid of him.” Believe it or not, he has broken too many families and ruined the lives of just too many.

For a long time after the Silver Jubilee, a heavily criticized event for its poor organization, mess, money scam and high level of unjustifiable narcissism, Bhanu and RS spent month trying to create pity on people by saying over and over again how he received so many threats, but despite it all, he kept the show going for his devotees and world peace. It was their lame way of distracting people from the obvious: the event was another failure and scam. He was “so busy” saving us from bombs and envious people. Back then, I remember hearing it with admiration. His life was at stake yet he kept the show going for the love of his devotees and the world! I still remember even the tone in which they'd speak about it just so that we'd feel bad. "Such an amazing guy! The world cannot stand so much light."

However, today’s news made me wake up and realize for the first time: for Heaven’s sake, he put thousands of life at risk just so that he could a few days of self-gratification and beat a Guiness record? Highly irresponsible. He is too narcissistic to worry about anyone else but himself.

I must be cured because today he did not manage to provoke any sympathy, pity or admiration for him, and definitely no guilt, but just disgust and humor. I am laughing at the lack of coherence and the obvious manipulation and sociopathology. I am laughing because today I see him very very very small. So pathetically small. I would not even be surprised if he planned it all just to get more news and distract people from the bad publicity he has been getting. Fame through pity sometimes work but I hope it won't.

At least in this blog, sympathy, guilt and pity won’t do it. Ravi & CO. still need to show more accountability, transparency and integrity. I still hope more people open their eyes to realize the farce. In his own words, “Karma is catching up, baby. Check on the violence inside you. Maybe you should do more seva? Have you been doing your sadhana everyday?”

Important note: Having expressed all of the above, it is important to clarify I do not wish RS anything bad, and definitely, I am glad nothing bad happened to him. I do not mean to ridicule the situation but I find humor in the incoherence and obvious manipulation of knowledge given the event, while at the same time, it is a self-reflection of how brain-washed I used to be, having fallen into the trap of those mind games too. I am aware the arguments in this article may offend some people. Apologies if it does.

Perfect message in a classic rhyme:
Liar, liar, pants on fire,
Hanging by a thread on a telephone wire!


Anonymous said...

This just shows how pathetic you are! It almost seems as though you are on the side of the terrorists themselves. What a shame you slimy creature!

Violence came and it left sri sri unharmed! Shame on you to make fun of such an assasination attempt!

KLIM-All your students are composing a blog which will identify the true you and show your true colors to the whole world!!

It is at
Wait and watch!

KLIM and CO. said...

I am copying the last comment I left in the previous article, I guess, the same anon writing.

No dear. I don't hate Sri Sri and I definitely don't wish him dead. I don't find it funny that someone tried to kill him. But his incoherences are definitely pathetic and hilarious. It is time AoL and SS show coherence and live the knowledge they preach. He is the one who makes fun of others when bad luck strikes on them or had the nerve to put Gandhi down by trying to convince us he was a violent guy when in fact he did great things for the world. Maybe the AoL guy who got hurt had violence? Or are they now going to say he would have died if Sri Sri was not next to him? Boy. Bad memories of AoL days brain-washing in my head. Evidently, our anon is in that bubble land. Through sympathy he and Co. won't gain our vote of respect. But with all due respect, no, neither do I hate him nor wish him dead. Even despite all that he has done to me and others whose lives I know he's ruined, I really don't. I feel pity for him. And btw, I don't have students. Boy, you guys can only think that way, no? Guru-disciples? Hello? On the contrary, all these things show us the true colors of Sri Sri and the AoL. Condolences to you, who evidently are suffering with the news.

Anonymous said...

KLIM, no one is in any bubble. We are just humans who have concern on what happened!

Everyone is happy and grateful that there was no harm caused to people at large. You are the opportunistic person who is trying to gain some brownie points here... but unfortunately unlike you, there are some people who still have a soul and some human values and compassion left.

If I were you, I would watch every statement I make. Whether you like it or not, sri sri is a global humanitarian who has had an assasination attempt. This is a blog which has spewed so much hatred on him and will be under watch!

KLIM and CO. said...

Did I just get threatened here? Of course, I forgot he is the saint, the good humanitarian who loves so much everyone he actually threatened, cursed and abused me and ruined the lives of so many I know, showing absolutely no sympathy for anyone. But, when it happens to him, of course, it is everyone else's hatred and envy for him. He did nothing to attract such negativity. I am sorry for not having seen the light. Nothing will happen to Sri Sri. Do you not believe in your guru's words? If he is at peace, nothing will touch him, right? I just don't know how he attracted this violence ... of course, now this blog gets blamed for it ... I see ... Don't worry. Nothing will happen to him. We only worry for the lives of all those so many who are being destroyed and eventually ruined by this twisted organization, promising what he cannot give. A fraud is a fraud and it does not provoke any sympathy in me for crime. Call me names, threaten me, but the very used argument in AoL, "Your karma" does not apply to Sri Sri ever? Yes, forgot, everyone else is horrible but him. Condolences and yes, very much in the bubble. But don't worry. We once were in there too!

Anonymous said...

KLIM, you are really good at turning the tables! You first spew hatred and then say that you are being threatened! Obviously, If you use hatred in a public forum against a humanitarian and that person happens to have had an attempt on his life, you are bound to attract scrutiny. Karma-reminds you of something??

I am not anyone in any official post at the organization but honestly, I am appalled at your take on this situation......It would really take a heartless person like you to try and gain brownie points on todays incident.

Sri sri's karma must be good! Thats why, the incident left him unharmed....Contrary to what you claim, there are millions of people in the world who have benefited from sri sri's teachings. I would not put much weight on a loser like you but would look around to why so many people including heads of so many countries respect him as an international humanitatian

KLIM and CO. said...

Darling read the previous posts. Many people like me have been threatened by his holiness himself. And of course, you are definitely immersed in cult psychology. Yes. Nothing happened to him and nothing will because he is divine. And if something does it is because of bad bad people who do not see his light. The guy who did get hit though, poor guy still has some karma to cleanse. Stop whining and feeling pity for yourself and your guru. And please stop bothering to take care of people like me who are only most happy to be out of bubble-land. All the best for you and yes, please do a lot of sadhana to increase world peace and the good vibes surrounding your guru. Love and blessings, as he'd sign off a letter. Condolences again.

KLIM and CO. said...

And by the way, yes, your messages come in the form of threats. Not obvious to you of course, because you are too busy feeling pity for yourself and the Ravi. Don't worry. I have been very well trained by Ravi and have become used to them. Be well.

Light and Wisdom said...

KLIM-another pathetic attempt! we all know how this blog got started...We all know who threatened whom! We all know who tried to extort from whom! We all know who lost respect amongst her students! We know everything about you! :)

A common thread between all loser akin to KLIM

1. Was a loser before AoL
2. Gained some knowledge in AoL and became a "teacher"
3. Well the loser element still remained and reflected in behavior with students
4. more misbehaving happens with students
5. complaints reach sri sri
6. he decides to act to remove them from organization after giving them so many chances (a.k.a what KLIM calls as threatening)
7. The teacher is back to being a loser
8. The teacher starts a blog!

Anonymous said...

Whatever KLIM! As i said, you just turn the tables! Good luck in your endeavours!

KLIM and CO. said...

I don't feel the light and wisdom .... booh. I think I touched on a sensitive spot on some people. But I won't see behind your mistakes and I will definitely accept you as you are! In fact, I find you all too cute! I so much belong to you that we are all together losers ;) Jai Gurudev! :)

KLIM and CO. said...

Whistle Blower, isn't that "model" that "Light and Wisdom" summarizes so well exactly what you described once as the common practice of "Divide and Conquer" by RS? Anyway, waste of time to argue with cult members full of rage. Looking forward to your insights about the "model".

Light and Wisdom said...

KLIM- when youre in it and your ego is bloated up, and you have your own followers, you praise the organization-when your ego gets crushed and people who liked you lose respect for you, you leave and try calling AoL cult etc.....Youre not the first and your not the last..Whistleblower, skywalker all in the same boat!

No one stays sin AoL by many not realize it -most people in the world are intelligent and do have brains-you act as though you guys are the only intelligent ones and others are dumb..good luck to you!

KLIM and CO. said...

Thank you for helping me see the light. If I would have listened to you back then, I would be another kind of a loser not the AoL kind. Sadly, we are not even arguing about the same stuff. You still think about egos, followers, etc. and cannot even see across. Your language makes me start itching in allergy, just as your self-righteousness and all-knowing arrogance. But, I don't blame you. You are in the best largest NGO in the world, following the embodiment of God himself. I apologize for pushing the buttons you still have, regardless of so much sadhana and teaching so many people. Tough karmas, I guess. Anyway, forgive me for being so insensitive in a delicate moment for you, but you see, it is not just me who has those thoughts. Can you please accept me as I am and not see intentions behind my mistakes? I am a loser, you did say. Despite it all, I belong to you and you belong to me. If God came in your form, I would accept. If you want to shed more light, please be less aggressive and fanatic. Remember, violence attracts violence. Thus, stop wasting your time in this blog of negativity. Save your soul and be happy because I am VERY HAPPY AND GREAT. If the goal of the AoL is to bring happiness to the world, I let you take the credit to my achieved joy. "Love and blessings. Jai Gurudev." And please don't be offended if I don't reply to you anymore. Don't take it personally. I just don't have anymore time for you and you should be putting your energies in greater work. There is so much to do to save the world from "losers" like me. Peace.

Rako said...

Dear KLIM,

I wish you well.
But let me say that you undermine the power of Faith..Just because you have lost yours please do not try and dismiss the quality of Faith in general. Please show us real proof of these so-called controversies rather than drive people off the path of knowledge.
You maybe a nice person,no doubt.I commend your clear-cut thought process and writing skills. If what has happened to in the past with the people in AOLf is true , my heart goes out to you. But I would urge you not to sow seeds of doubt in people who have experiences contrary to yours.
You claim to have read Parmahamsa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi.Please read the chapter on ''the science of Kriya Yoga''.The kriya described there Also refers to Oxygenation of the Blood through the breath. For your information,the Kriya taught by Yogananda consists of the Hamso mantra applied to the breath, which is similar to SoHam!
Sudarshan Kriya IS NOT hyperventilation! By your argument then, pranayamas such as Kapalabhati and Bhastrika should also be categorized as Hyper ventilation?!?
To refresh your memory..In the sudarshan Kriya breath cycles , the length of the incoming breath equals the length of the outgoing breath in all three cycles. The Prana is stabalized through this.After the Kriya the Requirement of Oxygen and breath is Minimalised so that the mental energy of the person can be diverted to higher planes of experience.
The functions of the Prana are a mystery even to you my dear..Please do not adhere to western concepts , they know nothing of the Prana or the five Vayus which govern the entire body.
The purpose of Pranayama is to lead to Prathyahara,Dharana,Dhyana and samadhi. (5th,6th,7th,8th Limbs of Yoga) and that can be done once the prana is quietened and the demand for oxygen by the physical body is reduced..
I would urge you to do your own reasearch if you dismiss the reasearch done by the Aolf.
I would appreciate if you publish this comment ,that is if You are willing to accept my arguments. my email address is

WhistleBlower said...

Dear Klim,
Interestingly enough the immediate thought that came to my mind was also the same, i.e. how many times RS had put down Gandhi for being assassinated, blaming it on his inner violence, saying Gandhi was violent to his wife, etc. Hearing this used to sadden me greatly that how such an enlightened Master (as he was then to me) could put down such a great man as Gandhi, a hero to Indians & to millions worldwide. Even at the time I felt it was so inappropriate & uncalled for. I could even detect some jealousy in RS toward Gandhi for his popularity. And he would always use Gandhi’s assassination to glorify himself, saying in his own presence no violence happens & he would give examples of how violent people would calm down in his presence. See for example how RS prompted his sister to recite such an example in :“Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Bhanu Didi’s Interviewed by Shobha De”
I actually thought that was very revealing re how RS prompted Bhanu Didi to recite that specific story. That is the same with all other guru stories propagated through his lackeys & his teachers. RS skilfully originates these stories himself & then propagates it through them.
And of course as one gets to know RS more & more one becomes more & more aware what a violent man RS is. Doing violent acts with total calm & smile on his face doesn’t make those acts any less violent nor it reduces the impact on the victims. It just shows his lack of compassion & empathy & how calculated he is like a mafia boss.
Behind all smiley front of AOL, the organisation is actually rife with violence (mental, emotional, spiritual). Many senior teachers are actually known as bullies & are extremely violent & foul- mouthed. Many members & teachers actually leave the organisation due to existing culture of abuse & violence in the organisation. That can be subject of another post.
I also found RS’ message after the incident very amusing: “For one who is established in non-violence, all kinds of hostility ceases”. He had repeated this many times before too. If he believes in this then how can he explain all these hostility toward him? Even before this incident today, he quite often would use armed bodyguards even in his own ashram!
And if I had any doubt about his psychopathic nature, it was confirmed for me when soon after the accident in which he didn’t get injured, but a bystander (identified as Vinay, a devotee and resident of Bangalore) got injured, the first thing he said was “I am absolutely safe,”;-bullet-hits-disciple.html
“However, the guru was undeterred by the incident and returned at 7 pm to address his followers, she said. “I am absolutely safe,” the 54-year-old founder of the Art of Living said shortly after the incident. “

I was more worried about Vinay who got shot & wanted to know how he was!!

And of course one has to again wonder about RS claiming to be the “all knowing” God!!!
And Klim I have to say I also wondered about this being another publicity stunt for RS. We all know how much he loves to be in news. No doubt he will use this incident to give media conferences & will use it to max to promote himself! One thing is for sure, we will be treated to many amusing statements by RS & lackeys re this incident in weeks & months to come!

Anonymous said...

Fact or enacted DRAMA:

Inside AOL ashram in Bangalore an assassination attempt is made and a single bullet was shot on a convoy of car with SSRC sitting inside of one of the cars and the bullet hits a poor devotee on his thigh.


*SSRC is an embodiment of God and Bangalore ashram is heaven on earth.

*SSRC massive KARMA balance has saved his and devotee's life who but for SSRC nearness would have been dead.

*Violence has met non-violence.

Finally, very conveniently it is concluded that the violence in Bangalore ashram has happened due to writings of a blog writer in USA. What a funny and illogical reasoning.

Accept the situation as it is that whether it was a genuine event or a drama. No blog writer has shot the bullet. Even if it is not a publicity driven event, some disgruntled AOL victim has given enough publicity to SSRC to claim his divinity status equal to Buddha. When an elephant was sent to trample Buddha the elephant not even stopped before HIM but also did not trample any devotee. How sad it is for the AOL devotee that he is shot in spite of his GOD travelling next to him in a car.

Any attempt to threaten KLIM will be wasted and reflect the true character of AOL BLOG police.

Cheers Klim

ex teacher from india said...

Klim wonderful analogy drawn on ravi's view on violence.There is no point getting into argument with cult members.Truth is bitter and hence they are reacting.

KLIM and CO. said...

I love it! What would the world do without the AoL? just a second before reading the following email sent by the AoL, I was even thinking we would soon hear how through this attack RS saved the world from some disaster, the same way he claimed a mahakriya saved India and Pakistan from going into war. Most likely, the only lucky unlucky one is Vinay who maybe hospitalized and who knows in what condition (anyway, what matters, is RS is safe), but he probably got rid of a lot of karma. The saddest thing and what truly amazes me still is once upon a time I also thought like the rest of the herd! I also believed in those lame arguments! I even repeated them! But, going back to what matters, what would we do without the AoL and RS's constant shower of grace on us? Everything is an excuse for more publicity and events.

"Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

Watch this:

It's a video of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji's ( Guruji's) responds to an attempted attack on his life that occurred on 30 May 2010 at the Art of Living Intl. Center in Bangalore, India. Sri Sri encouraged people to spread a wave of peace throughout the country through the practices of yoga and meditation."

ex teacher from india said...

carry on Klim. don't bow down the threats. this yet attempt by sri sri to divert your energy.btw nobody is interested in Klim in any case she may caused less harm to people than ravi shankar

Anonymous said...

Ex Teacher from India

It would be wonderful if you are able to distribute links to these blogsto people in India to make them aware of true colours of SSRS and AOL.

KLIM and CO. said...

Dear Rako, you make the mistake of assuming I am from the West and worse, implying the West is more ignorant than India. And thank you for giving further proof that SK is not a technique created by RS but rather, plagiarized by him. What does it matter? It is all in the semantics. We simply don't believe in SK and RS, and we don't mind that you do. This is the difference. You guys mind, we don't. In fact, I am impressed at how much importance the AoL/RS give to this blog and how actually we got an AoL blog police installed. Smile, you are on camera.

Anonymous said...

I have started distributing links though to my close circle.comming back to main issue. CNN-IBN news channel has raised very interesting issues regarding gun shot.
1-if it was aimed at ravi why it was done when Ravi had already left the car.
2-why the entire crowd did not hear the gun shot the gun shot was only by ravis close aids
3-if the incident occurred at 6.30 why the matter was reported to police after 9 pm.
it could out come group revelry with in ashram as the bullet found is commonly available to all license holders of revolver

Rahul said...

I condemn this attack on Sri Sri and I am happy that he escaped unhurt and hope that the culprit is caught soon .
That apart I somehow feel that this attack was stage managed to get some sympathy for Sri Sri especially at a time when New Age Gurus are having a tough time post Nityananda Scandal and also with Blogs like these awakening people to be careful about Cultish Organizations . Of course this is just my guess .I hope the truth comes out soon .

The UnEnlightened One said...

Dear KLIM,
What makes the AOL fanboys response to your blog so amusing is that they think you are bound by some law to write only favorable opinions. The first comment on this post is a testament to that - a veiled threat in 'exposing' you.

Actually I would tread carefully just because followers of SSRS are devoid of independent thought and action and are prone to mob behavior. I know first hand of 2 famous teachers that were rising within the ranks of AOL - these two sisters were from Gujurat and within the blink of an eye, they started amassing material wealth (from being middle class) - cars, penthouses in Bombay and the like. This drew criticism from an ex-AOLer who tried to question the sudden influx of wealth and she was convinced that these teachers were involved with fraud. She picked them up from the airport once and noticed that they had a lot of diamond jewelery with them.
She even tried to take the matter to SSRS himself who didn't even react to her concerns. She was so disgusted by what she saw that she left AOL
So to get back at her and to stop her from asking more questions, she was tagged/framed with a criminal offence. The sisters had huge political clout and the backing of the BJP - this forced this girl into hiding for almost 4 years and she is now slowly getting back on her feet again - she now lives alone and tries to run her business. She is unmarried and doesn't want to even get married. Hoe many more lives will AOL destroy?
The attack on SSRS - i have some skepticism with the news reports. If Vinay was injured and yet suddenly he has regained the ability to walk again. Also, it seems that SSRS revealed the attack at the satsang gathering later - so there was no news about it to begin with until ravi himself revealed it. You would think that an attempt on your life would cause more concern and yet life seemed to go on normal. That part seems to be a bit fishy. Well conspiracy theories aside, I'm not sure this can be categorized as a 'terrorist' act. Terrorists seldom miss and cause more damage than a simple bullet that missed its target. Its reality - esp. in India, terror attacks seldom fail. If this was indeed an assassination attempt by a hitman or maybe a disgruntled ex-AOLer, its sad that such an even took place. I want him to be exposed in public view for the fraud he has perpetuated. Killing him is not the solution will only make him stronger and will make him a martyr.
The fallout from this incident will be most interesting to observe. One of bawa's cretins commented on his latest posting on the assassination attempt 'Lucky Vinay - took a bullet for the Guru !' Sigh. If I was SSRS and I had the kind of followers like the way SSRS and his teachers do, I'd assassinate myself. Dealing with such people who seem to share a common braincell requires a great degree of masochism. I applaud you Klim for dealing with the like.

The UnEnlightened One said...

@Anon who wants KLIM to wait and watch..
This is a blog on the internet and people are free to voice their opinions - if you disagree with them, take a hike and seek solace from your master because you are no one to deny anyones right to free speech. Remember the first thing you learn in AOL - 'dont be a football to other peoples opinions?' Hmm, I see that your years in the cult have removed whatever modicum of grey matter you had

Vishal said...

Art of living features in most land encrouchment cases in Karnataka. But they carefully manipulate and close the deal. TV9 even asked Ravi Ravi if it was a real estate deal which caused this attack. Lair Lair obviously said no. I think media should start digging into the scams of ravi ravi. It is also quite possible that this attack was a stage managed attack as there is no visible or audible evidence of the attack other than what the close coteire's evidence.

Raju said...

Looks like attack is another pathetic effort by Ravishankar to gain sympathy. His body language showed that he was lying about the attack. It has all the hallmarks of a stage managed attack. With the government and the police with him he can get away with any kind of lies.

Anonymous said...

Drama unfolding

Bangalore police have said they are following some leads in the Sri Sri Ravishankar case but are treating it as an incident not an attack.

"We won't consider this as an attack as the shot was not aimed at him. No one has seen attacker. A case filed under the Arms Act and the ashram security will be stepped up," DGP Ajai Kumar Singh said.

The DGP also disclosed that the police had identified the weapon used. It was a .32 calibre gun and the bullet was fired from 700 feet or beyond.

Sidelock Oms said...

This whole attack drama is completely stagemanaged.
The alleged shooter is 700 feet away and uses a .32 bore revolver. what a joke.
Above all he fires only one bullet. Why only one bullet. And this bullet hits this Vinay on his thigh. How can you shoot at a moving car from 700 feet and that too aim at the thigh. The thigh will be the last place to be hit if that is the case. Why not the chest or head. That is because the people who scripted this drama wanted this way. Thigh does nto have organs and is muscle and fat. there was no bullet fired at all and they just rigged some doctor reports and created all this drama. I hope the media start investigating this. CNN IBN should take it to the logical conclusion.

WhistleBlower said...

@ Anon 12:08 AM, good points you have raised. It is really bizarre the delay in calling police. Also there are always cameras & Videos around RS all the time. How come there has not been even a single photo or video of the incident?
And what were all those RS armed bodyguards were doing at the time?
His official website
saying more contradictory statements:
“An unidentified assailant shot at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's convoy as he was leaving from a public Satsang at around 6:00 pm on Sunday in Bangalore. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was unhurt. The bullet missed Sri Sri but struck an Art of Living member’s thigh causing minor injury. After this incident Sri Sri attended three previously scheduled public gatherings in Bangalore. In response to various questions from the media, Sri Sri urged people not to worry and called upon them to work towards a more inclusive, peaceful and spiritual society. Sri Sri said, "Many people are suffering due to violence. We need to convey the message of peace and non-violence to every household by reinforcing the human values of compassion, friendliness and service.” Asked about enhancing security measures around him, Sri Sri said, “I am here for the people and am not in favor of any measures that will prevent this.”
More interesting stuff & contradictory statements from RS at:
saying “an unidentified gunman opened fire at his ashram in Kanakapura Road in Bangalore, just a few minutes after he had left the area...A forensic team and sniffer dogs have visited the site. Police claim that the security arrangements were adequate at the ashram. But the attempt on Sri Sri's life has also raised many questions:
1) Sri Sri and his staff claim that incident took place around 6 PM, but they made it public only after 9 PM. Why?
2) Except his close circle nobody saw or heard the gunshot. The bullet that was fired was from a .32 bore revolver. All licensed revolver owners can use it. So has the terror angle been ruled out?
3) Why was only one shot fired?
Inspector general of Police, Central Range, Kamal Pant claimed that firing happened five minutes after Sri Sri left his ashram."The incident took place five minutes after Guruji left the ashram. Investigations are on. We were informed at 9:30 PM," said Pant.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spoke to his devotees and the media on Monday, saying he wasn't entirely surprised by the attack because his driver had a vision a few days earlier.Speaking to CNN-IBN Sri Sri Ravi Shankar reassured his devotees that he is fine. Investigations say a .32 revolver was used in the attack.Ravi Shankar said those who want to spread terror might have been behind the attack "Those resorting to terror should come to the ashram and attend satsangs. It will reform them," he said.

WhistleBlower said...

Rahul, I think you may actually be onto something here. Watch this video:
No assassination bid on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: IB sources:
Anyone who knows RS well long term can be forgiven to think the whole thing was a publicity stunt. He is master in coming up with publicity stunts & getting media attention by any means.
In this case, just look at the number of different versions of this story from AOL sources. Some said Vinay was standing next to the car, some said he was in the car with RS. No gun shot was heard by those present! Most residents in Ashram (huge number were there because of the Ashtavakra Gita course) didn’t know about this incident till RS told them & his version ( again totally different from the earlier ones said by Charu & Rajit from Ashram(
They can’t even agree on the kind of the car he was in! Nor they can agree on the time of the assassination attempt (if indeed there was one!!)nor the kind of injury Vinay had! No sign of Vinay himself either!How strange is that? Usually media would want to talk to injured victim, but not even one could get hold of him? Is Vinay real or imaginary? how about his injury?Did it happen from a shot or was he involved in a fight?
And the way RS says contradictory statements, like the gunman shot at the crowd (not at him!) and the way he tries to portray himself as an enlightened master from this incident & promote himself: “ I welcome attacker to join me in ashram” or asking people to enroll 10 people each to AOL course, right after the incident and in fact using the incident.
He says :”I have no animosity with anyone” ( , but didn’t he say previously: “During a trip to Scotland, he casually mentioned while speaking to Edinburgh-based Evening News that he had received death threats from militants and went on to gleefully say that it "doesn't concern me at all". "Islamic militants have put me on a hit list," he told the paper's bewildered reporter while beaming widely.(
Was he saying the truth or coming up with a lie again to give a bad image about Muslims for his own political gain/opportunism (as he often does).
Was he lying before? And why he has been using armed bodyguards for so many years now, including in his own Ashram? Why he arrives in the International events with bodyguards? To give an image of himself as a VIP or is he really scared for his life?
Liars have short memories. That is definitely the case with RS & his different versions of the event & the contradictory statements.
IB will do well to check out the facts of the story, including the bullet Ashramites found & gave to the police, the one no one seemed to have heard it being shot in the first place!!Something really fishy here!
And did you hear how in his video he was trying to gain points that the gunman only shot once, due to transformative energy of his satsang? One has to ask why the gunman shot at all? To create some publicity for SriSri?!

KLIM and CO. said...

Interesting and very entertaining indeed. Vinay is a lucky guy for saving the Guru's life and of course, quite amazing all the magic that surrounds the event. The driver had a vision, the guru made it all better, the ashram has such good energy noone felt a thing, and Vinay only got shot in the thigh. I must consider going back to him for my own sake. I am sure Vinay collected many merits for his seva! I just have one complain though. Quote: "Sri Sri urged people not to worry and called upon them to work towards a more inclusive, peaceful and spiritual society. Sri Sri said, "Many people are suffering due to violence. We need to convey the message of peace and non-violence to every household by reinforcing the human values of compassion, friendliness and service.”

His people policing this blog are not being "inclusive, peaceful or spiritual", and definitely are not practicing any "values of compassion, friendliness and service."

Finally, I am a bit jealous that he did invite the gunman to attend satsangs so as to reform his mean mean mind, but neither him nor his AoL police have invited me at all. Am I not good publicity material??? Aw!

WhistleBlower said...

The story getting more interesting by the minute: “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar not the target: Karnataka DGP”
“A day after a firing incident in the ashram of spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, police on Monday termed it as an ''incident'' and said it was not a ''targeted attack'' on him.The security of 54-year-old Ravi Shankar, the founder of Art of Living (AOL), has been beefed up, they said. "I do not call it an attack. It is an incident. Whether it was meant at a person or not, we cannot say at the moment", Karnataka DGP Ajaikumar Singh, who visited the ashram, told reporters here.”
“Giving details about the firing, Singh said the bullet was fired from about 700 to 750 feet away and so far nobody has claimed to have seen the attacker. The ammunition found at the site is .32 mm and it is a versatile one that could be used for a variety of weapons, he said.
The incident of firing occurred between 6.05 PM and 6.10 PM and at least five minutes after Ravi Shankar's convoy had left the spot, Singh said. Speaking to reporters at his ashram this morning, Ravi Shankar said he was happy with the existing security and has forgiven the attacker.”
Quoting the account of a devotee, Vinay, the DGP said he had told the police that he heard the noise and felt a burning sensation in his left thigh, but there was no bleeding injury. Singh said, "The ashram people informed the Harohalli police Inspector around 9.10-9.15 pm and the message reached the Ramanagara Superintendent of Police around 9.45 to 10 pm".
He said according to Forensic Science Laboratory experts, it was not a flat trajectory and it would have been aimed high, but came down. "It was almost a dead bullet." The police have provided "Y" category security to Ravishankar, with four police personnel guarding him round-the-clock.
Meanwhile, BJP President Nitin Gadkari has written a letter to Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa expressing concern over the issue and asked him to beef up Ravi Shankar's security.
Replying to questions, the Karnataka DGP said that a case has been registered under 304 IPC (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) and the Arms Act. On Ravishankar's statement that some of his disciples had heard the firing, Singh said, "No, I will not comment on anybody else's statement. We will report to you about what evidence we have."
He also replied in the negative when asked if Ravishankar had received any threat from any group. Singh said the police will carry out a joint security audit at the ashram to ascertain if more security was needed.
And more contradictory statements from RS:
"I heard a loud noise.But I was in my usual calm self. My driver had a premonition that there could be some kind of attack on me", Ravi Shankar said. The spiritual guru said, "I do not have enemies. However, whoever has done this, I forgive him. I give him amnesty. I invite him to join our satsang course. I will teach him meditation and Sudarshan Kriya (a breathing technique popularised by him)."

KLIM and CO. said...

Hilarious. He has "forgiven" the gunman who according to police probably did not even aim the bullet at him. How narcissistic to even think the bullet was for him! Maybe the sun goes around the Ravi and not the Earth? well, but he certainly has not forgiven any of us who have left him.

"I do not have enemies. However, whoever has done this, I forgive him. I give him amnesty. I invite him to join our satsang course. I will teach him meditation and Sudarshan Kriya."

"Run Forrest! Run!"

Man, a statement full of arrogance!

WhistleBlower said...

Klim you made me laugh by your last comment. Good one!
And the best of all so far, who is telling the truth? Swami Sadyojatha was in the car when it was shot at or attack happened 5 minutes after RS left? If RS & Swami were in different cars, why RS & lackeys claim the shot was aimed at RS?
Bangalore: Karnataka Director General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh claimed on Monday that the firing incident at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's ashram in Bangalore on Sunday was not an attack on the spiritual guru."I won't call this an attack on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The incident happened five minutes after Sri Sri Ravi Shankar left," said Singh which addressing the media on Monday morning.
Singh added that he was not contradicting the claims made by Ravi Shankar's organisation the Art of Living that spiritual guru was the target of the firing. He said that he was juts report the facts.
"The bullet could have been aimed high that is why there were no casualties. The trajectory was not flat. It doesn't look like a country made gun. It's probably a factory made gun," said Singh
Singh added that there was a delay in filing the police complaint by the ashram as they were consulting with each other.
A disciple Vinay was injured and the gunman escaped after the firing at around 6 pm near the ashram at Kanakapura Road on the outskirts of Bangalore.
"The distance between the shooter and Vinay could have been at least 700 feet," said Karnataka DGP.
According to a press statement issued by the Art of Living International Centre, the gunman opened fire as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar left after delivering a discourse at his ashram.
"While leaving from public satsang (discourse) this evening in Bangalore, an unidentified gunman shot at Sri Sri's convoy. It hit one the devotee's thigh, causing a minor injury," the statement said.
Swami Sadyojatha, director of international affairs of the Art of Living Foundation, told CNN-IBN he was inside in the car when it was shot at but couldn’t comment who was to blame for the attack. Sadyojatha said the injured disciple, Vinay, was discharged from a hospital after treatment.

KLIM and CO. said...

Well, if actually they were attacked while being in the car, the gunman must be very tall! I mean, he got to Vinay's thigh after all! (I watch too much CSI, I guess). If it happened after they got off the car, the guy must be short. I am here wondering though, the man who knows it all ... didn't he know it before hand? Or it is the same as his argument about knowing it all but he does not need to tune in with exactly how many hairs? If he knows it all, doesn't he know who the attacker is? Oh, of course, he has forgiven him and he lives in the present moment and thru his compassion he will choose not to tell on him. Saddest thing is how quickly the AoL will be turning this whole story around miracles and the grandiosity of Ravishankar. RS, the savior.

Blim Blim said...

ND said...

LIARS 100%
After knowing the incidence I first feel sympothy towards RS. But, as soon as I read the Statement of Karnataka Director General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh:
He claimed on Monday that the firing incident at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's ashram in Bangalore on Sunday was not an attack on the spiritual guru.

"I won't call this an attack on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The incident happened five minutes after Sri Sri Ravi Shankar left," said Singh which addressing the media on Monday morning.Singh added that there was a delay in filing the police complaint by the ashram as they were consulting with each other.


KLIM and CO. said...

Isn't it unbelievable? He needs to be the center of attention even for the events that are not meant for him! Man, is he jealous of Vinay now!

WhistleBlower said...

Oh klim, can't stop laughing after your last comment. Love your sense of humor.
Check this one out:
Now he says: “ that there were people who wanted to attack him but he was not afraid “
Didn’t he say before he doesn’t have an enemy & what was that again for the one who is established in non-violence.... Ah! “For one who is established in non-violence, all kinds of hostility ceases”?!!

and don’t you love him quoting his driver’s vision:
"My driver had a vision and told me that I may be attacked,"

And get this one:
" Ravishankar said he did not want heightened security at his complex to come between him and the people. He said a large number of people come from villages to meet him. Security should not deter them, he added.
But next he says:
The spiritual leader was particularly concerned about the safety of his foreign devotees. "Police should ensure their safety," he said.
Why? Foreign devotees’ lives are more important than the Indian devotees? because they give more cash to him & more publicity value. I wouldn’t be surprised if this megalomaniac stage a shooting at a foreign devotee next to buy himself more publicity!

And the latest re where he was when the shot occurred:
Ravishankar said: "I was about to sit in the car when the incident happened. Those spreading terror might have attacked me. I will continue to spread anti-terrorism messages."

Police have stepped up security in and around the sprawling complex. Inspector General of Police, Kamal Pant, who visited the spot on Sunday evening and Monday said: "We are searching the premises. Teams have been formed to probe."

And of course by now everyone knows why there was a 3 hour delay in reporting to police:
“Singh added that there was a delay in filing the police complaint by the ashram as they were consulting with each other.”
It took them 3 hours of consulting before reporting to police? Three hours?!! What there is to consult if they heard a shot & Swami was in the car & RS was about to get into the car?
It just doesn’t make sense! Unless they were consulting on fabricating some lies to pass to the police & get media attention.
And RS says he is worried about safety of Internationals, when takes him 3 hr to report a gun shot to police?!! What was he waiting for? For the assassin to run away?

KLIM and CO. said...

What were they consulting for 3 hs? Working of which version they should report to the police? So much SK and they could not be faster with the mind? What was that with SK making our minds sharp, focused, alert, smart. If it was true, what says it was a terrorist attack? He has so many enemies it could have been bc of a family or an individual he ruined, land he took, money he swindled, someone he abused. For one established in peace, I guess all kinds of hostilities cease except the ones raised by those experiences. Granted, I don't hate him and I do hope he reaches his 80th birthday cuz I would like to celebrate, as he predicted, with the whole world and the UN singing "Happy bday". Maybe his driver should become a guru now that he has better visions than Sri Sri? Just a suggestion.

WhistleBlower said...

So touching:
Art of Living teacher Rhea Pillai told Mumbai Mirror that she got in touch with the ashram immediately after hearing the news on television. “The ashram has told me that he is fine. It is unthinkable that somebody could attack a guru like him. It’s shocking, but I’m so glad and relieved that he is safe.”

WhistleBlower said...

I think Rhea should watch the short video on this website to know there was no attack on Ravi Shankar.
The man just pulled off another publicity stunt to get on media frontpage!

WhistleBlower said...

And how is this one for a good laugh? So now the reason for the shot is because he has done courses all over the world!!
And note how he emphasizes “the shot was just in my direction.” How does he know that? Police say that it couldn't even be considered as an attack!
And he “appeals to all the people not to worry”. Hey, no one is worried about you, didn’t take us long to realize you are into your usual publicity stunts!
“Speaking to CNN-IBN later Sri Sri Ravi Shankar reassured his devotees that he is fine.“I am fine ek dum thik hu main, koi chinta ki bat nai hai (I am perfectly fine). I want the people not to worry. Everything is as usual, normal sab chal raha hai (everything is going smoothly). There are many people who come here who have been in the path of violence and they have abjured violence, thousands have given up violent lives, so this must have bothered some other people. We continued with our programme as usual. The police are there and they are taking the details and they are investigating. I am not at all worried. In fact, I am happy that nothing much happened, it could have been worse. The gunman could have fired many bullets instead of just one and hurt many more people but that didn’t happen and the shot was just in my direction. He shot and ran away. As usual, we’ll continue. So I appeal to all the people not to worry. Such one or two freak elements are there and we have to raise the voice of nonviolence. So much violence is happening all over the country and all over the world. In fact, we have to be loud and clear about the violence and we have to be clear about the nonviolence and we have to go towards the more spiritual and peaceful society. You know many people have given up violence.We have done courses all over the world. This must not have gone well with people, some gang people. I don’t know who they are,” said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.”

Anonymous said...

One thing must be noted about Indian Police system :
If the truth is such that it is not favourable for AOL, then it will never come in light. If the firing happned due to internal rivalary, money or woman matter, nothing will come to surface. The accused will never be CAUGHT. Everything will be SETTLED with Power and money.
New stories will be told how RS managed to save the attack by his Divine Power. How his Driver able to sense the things earleir. How the devotee saved Guruji at the risk of his life and how his life now turned into bliss etc etc.
Only one possibility is if a true jouralist take the task of knowing truth, then only we can know the truth. Else forget it.

Anonymous said...

Now the Home Minister of India has given statement that it was not attack on Ravi shankar. of Ravi Shankar.

Smiling Monkey said...

Even home minister P.Chidambaram, in his press conference commented, that he's received an oral report that this incident could be resulting from a dispute between two of Ravishanker's followers.

Police IG has claimed that the bullet was fired five minutes after Ravishanker's convoy had left and only one bullet was fired from a distance of seven hundred feet.

Even if he's off the mark with his first observation and Ravishanker was indeed in the vicinity when the bullet was fired, how exactly can he be sure that the bullet was aimed at him and not on anyone else in the 'crowded' area?

How much is the visibility of Ravi and his car, from seven hundred feet, in a crowded place?

If this was a publicity stunt, I believe, this could have been orchestrated better. This looks more like a cover up of a dispute between possibly important insiders of the AOL, which led to the actual shooting.

Imagine the negative publicity a Spiritual Organization will have to face if media reports about it's members shooting each other. Blaming the 'terrorists' who try to kill the great spiritual Guru looks like a convenient story to frame(despite lacking creativity)

Yes, the general public and the police may not buy that story, but, nothing like evil forces trying to slay the great Guru to satiate the already brainwashed.

Blim Blim said...

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Monday said spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar “may not” have been the target of firing at his convoy on Sunday night and the incident could be the result of a dispute between two of his disciples.

“Our reports says that the incident took place after Sri Sri Ravishankar left the place in his car and, therefore, it may not be correct, I underline, may not be correct to say that the firing was aimed at him,” Mr. Chidambaram said during his press conference here.

The Home Minister said an oral report has been received on the incident but a written report is expected.

“It seems to be a dispute or a brawl between two of his followers. One of them has been injured in his thigh but is not in danger,” he said.

An unidentified person fired a round at the convoy when the 54-year-old Sri Sri Ravishankar was leaving after a ‘satsang’ in his ashram on Sunday evening. The injured devotee was discharged after first aid at a local hospital, police said.

Earlier, Karnataka Director General of Police also termed it as an “incident” and said it was not a “targeted attack” on Sri Sri Ravishankar.

The security of Sri Sri Ravishankar, the founder of Art of Living (AOL), has been beefed up, they said.

“I do not call it an attack. It is an incident. Whether it was meant at a person or not, we cannot say at the moment”, DGP Ajaikumar Singh, who visited the ashram, told reporters in Bangalore.

Giving details about the firing, Mr. Singh said the bullet was fired from about 700 to 750 feet away and so far nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack.

He said the ammunition found at the site is .32 mm and it is a versatile one that could be used for a variety of weapons, he said.

The incident of firing occurred between 6.05 pm and 6.10 pm and at least five minutes after Sri Sri Ravishankar’s convoy had left the spot, Mr. Singh said.

Keywords: Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living, P. Chidambaram, Union Home Minister

ND said...

I was really surprised by your post today. How do you know RS is lying ? You are greater than Ravi shankar's driver.
You must start the Guru business.
Jai Gurudev.
I am applying for the Swami/Rishi post. Just give me a bunglow, a car, 40-50 thousands per month, internation tour per year, I shall conduct courses for you.
Am I asking too much? we can bargain.

KLIM and CO. said...

RS is only being true to his nature. Remember, the sun revolves around Ravi not the earth ... or was he the sun itself? It is all about him and only him! Hopefully people won't be sucked into this whole drama, collecting sympathy points. How lame.

KLIM and CO. said...

Dear ND, thank you but dotis don't suit me well. I prefer wearing pants ;) Just promise that if we close the deal, you won't tell anyone how much you are getting OK?

ND said...

Yes boss.
I am only concerned about by cash, not about what or whether you are wearing anything.
You seems very excited. I presume you are editing the posts whole night.

Anonymous said...

Who has enemies?

SSRS or Vinay.

SSRS claims that shot was aimed at him and Vinay agrees with SSRS that he does not have any enemies so shot could not have been aimed at him. Can we infer that shot could have been aimed at SSRS as he was the only one with enemies.

Report from

"Police should not absolve themselves of the responsibility by believing that the incident was a result of enmity between devotees. They should not brush aside the incident. I request the intelligence bureau and police to thoroughly probe the incident," he asserted.

Ravi Shankar said he respected the police's view. "But instead of probing thoroughly, they are talking like this. I am disappointed," he said.

Asked about various versions of the incident and whether Ravi Shankar had left the complex or not, the injured devotee Vinay said: "This happened soon after Satsang. I was not in a state to find out whether Guruji had left or not as I was in severe pain."

He denied the firing was a result of enmity between devotees.

"I do not have any enemies. I joined the course only five or six days ago. I do not have any properties in Bangalore. I stay in a rented house. My father is a retired government servant. We are innocent people," said Vinay, who hails from Belgaum in north Karnataka.

Anonymous said... Video of Vinay's statement

ND said...

Ravi Shankar disappointed because police thinks that it was due to internal rivalary, no outsider is involved.
O Police, Make happy the poor guy, No one giving him Noble Prize, Indian Govt. has not awarded anything like Padmashree. KLIM and co. is behind him.
Declare that Osama Bin Laden is behind the attack. Ravi will be happy that Osama has given him some attention. Osama will laugh so loud that Americans can find him. Everyone will be happy.

Rahul said...

Sri Sri has been caught with this Dhoti down with this incident especially with both the Police and Home Minister Chidambaram contradicting Sri Sri's version of the same .Sorry Sri Sri better luck next time with a better drama .

The UnEnlightened One said...

Don't you think that its highly irresponsible about the way this whole thing was handled? If there was a so called assassination attempt, why did SSRS wait till the 7pm satsang to reveal all? Aren't you putting lives in danger by continuing the proceedings instead of immediately informing the police and having a team come out, clear the ashram and search for more signs of terror considering this is a terrorist attack? What if he planted bombs everywhere? The irresponsibility is shocking which gives more credence to the various differing stories about the incident

Peaceful Warrior said...

@Unenlightened ones

Of course it is not irresponsible - Sri Sri takes total responsibility - in his presence violence ceases to exist ;).

Sri Sri would rather risk the lives of people, than risk his reputation as someone around whom violence ceases. Yes, it is a twisted world out there - and not questioning Sri Sri is the definition of faith in AOL.

Peaceful Warrior said...

It's good that IB (federal police) is probing the incident. Congress and RS are sworn enemies - they are looking for an opportunity to embarrass him.

The state police will do what RS wants, as he is the darling of the ruling BJP.

Niyati said...

I am intrigued by really one thing. Ravishankar is hell bent to prove that it is an attack on him. But police and home minister tell that there was no attack and if at all anything happened it was an inter group rivalry.
Let us take the case that the so called alleged attacker was not a terrorist he might say have been an insane person with a silly revolver and shooting aimlessly from 700 feet. Why is it so painful for Ravishankar to admit this that he was not targeted. why is he so diasappointed with the police report. It is so clear that it is stage managed for some cheap publicity and gaining sympathy. But not everyone are fools.

Anonymous said...

The truth may be as simple as internal rivalry or a country made pistol in the hands of an inebriated satsangee, but the five hundred conspiracy theories that are bound to come up, many of them on this blog, never cease to amuse me.

Anonymous said...

KLIM, WhistleBlower-Dont you guys look like fools now??

If what happened was actually true (fired after 5 minutes), then your whole jingbang on the karma/gandhi violence theory is bullshit anyways...

Sri sri says the shot was fired in his direction and thats fair enough. Chidambaram is also saying that it was not possibly an attempt on sri sri but he obviously cannot deny a shot was fired near sri sri's convoy...

But wait maybe there is some merit to the "insider job"--well who knows-any of the hardcore haters on this blog may have initiated this??

KLIM and CO. said...

Ouch, what a horrible thing to say! Now, that is not very inclusive, friendly, compassionate or spiritual, is it? Maybe we should invite you to satsang! Honey, we don't fire arms, we write and we are not the ones providing the different versions of the events. We are just following the news and using some critical thinking like the rest of the non-AoL world ;) You think only people reading this blog think alike? Unfortunately, many people out there don't believe in SS/AOL. We don't have any problems with Gandhiji. His "ahimsa" is so far more coherent than that of SS's, with all due respect, of course.

Anonymous said...

A different Anon responding to the previous anon comment and response by KLIM

Ha Ha! @KLIM- welcome to Indian Politics! The government is finding scapegoats for the attack and they seem keen on closing it by pointing to insiders. The haters on this blog probably have the only documented hatred against Sri Sri...well many people may not like AoL but at least people have some brains..Under the name of free speech, you guys are proving to be free dumb-asses. Cover your ass first and then speak out!

Think it is time to send this blog to the police department and the home ministry and they will come hunting for you guys :). I am not saying you guys have done anything wrong but well yeah who am I to decide-the Police will do their due diligence :) Good luck dealing with the legal and police system of India!!!

KLIM and CO. said...

Wow. Says it all about a Spiritual Movement. Such lovely peaceful spiritual devotees floating and spreading love. We survived SS, you think we are afraid of Indian police? Not agreeing SS is the best and that the AoL is a clean organization does not mean we hate anyone or that we wish anyone ill. This is what AoL people don't understand in their black and white thinking process. We do not think SS is a saint and we don't believe the AoL is a spiritual organization, yet we do not hate Sri Sri nor wish ill to anyone in his organization. We only express our points of view, on the other hand, your threats are all recorded here and we have never threatened anyone. Only in the AoL world does not agreeing mean hating. Only in the AoL people think of "busting" people. Peace.

Light and Wisdom said...

@KLIM-How come you have so much time to respond to so many entries...Well yes i forgot-You are a jobless loser!

And oh yeah -I am assuming you are getting paid by adsense....

Every coin has 2 sides-visit the other side of the coin at

Anonymous said...

KLIM- I have been saying this since yesterday -You are good at turning the tables!

@KLIM-can write all the crap he wants under the name of free speech and he doesn't express hatred! Ouch
@Anon- Though he clearly mentions that "I am not saying you guys are wrong" but wants to pass on this blog to the authorities-he is threatening!! And KLIM threatens that he is threatening!!

This is actually getting quite funny!!

Anonymous said...

@KLIM-Maybe you are blind or dumb or both- There is a huge difference between not agreeing and posting hateful messages. You can not agree in a "civil and polite" manner too...Your thoughts/words reflect your own frustration! Please go and read your own posts.

Anonymous said...

@Anon- Dont wrestle with a Pig! You never win and you always come out dirty!!

WhistleBlower said...

First it was @Anon 2:04 pm (commenting under previous post Run Forrest! Run!!!!) claimed that “websites like these from disgruntled people which spew hatred almost cost sri sri his life today” & based on that asked us “stop this crap!” and ” Cmon guys get a life and move on!”

What a strange argument! Only RS brainwashed PR people could come up with such arguments. If this argument would hold any water, then any political figure or people in position of power, would stage an “attempted assassination” & based on that would shut up any criticism, saying it endangers their lives!

Next Anon @7:27 pm under same post accused KLIM of condoning assassination & feeling sad that the attempt failed. How bizarre when Klim had not made any statement to that affect.

As I continued reading the comments under the current post from AOL agents, I noticed the above trend of bizarre claims & false accusations against KLIM continuing.
I even started wondering if RS/AOL staged the assassination attempt to have an excuse to close down Klim’s blog!! I even took the precaution of making a copy of the whole of posts & comments on Klim’s blog, just in case!! And I advise others do the same!
The AOL agents even started following their bizarre allegations by threats to Klim, showing their loving/peaceful nature, like SriSri himself:

Anon 7:24 pm “It almost seems as though you are on the side of the terrorists themselves. What a shame you slimy creature!Shame on you to make fun of such an assasination attempt! “,”Wait and watch!”
Anon 7:55 PM: “If I were you, I would watch every statement I make. Whether you like it or not, sri sri is a global humanitarian who has had an assasination attempt. This is a blog which has spewed so much hatred on him and will be under watch!”
Anon 8:09 pm:”Obviously, If you use hatred in a public forum against a humanitarian and that person happens to have had an attempt on his life, you are bound to attract scrutiny. “

This one was funny too. I like it when they claim”I am not anyone in any official post at the organization” & then said “It would really take a heartless person like you to try and gain brownie points on todays incident.”

hey the only one who is trying to get some brownie points from poor Vinay’s injury is Ravi Shankar. Look how much he is enjoying the publicity!

Anon 1:01 PM: goes even more bizarre: ”But wait maybe there is some merit to the "insider job"--well who knows-any of the hardcore haters on this blog may have initiated this?? “

The Reformer said...

Wow! For a change, instead of thinking of reforms and being serious, I'm actually enjoying this. No offense to pro-RS and the not so pro-RS people out there. This whole episode is actually proving to be very entertaining. Sorry if I'm not taking this seriously (quite possible that most of you aren't anyways). This really is proving to be incredibly funny!! LOL

Finally, as far as I'm concerned, if this whole thing really was staged, I'm least bothered. And if it was really an attempt on someone's life, thank heavens no one was seriously injured!!

Peaceful Warrior said...

@Anon 1:31

Ya..please send this blog to the police department. How about sending it to the press also.

Everyone needs to know about how insidious this blog is. Please Please Please do us this favor.

Buddy, you cannot fight the truth - whatever excuse, method you use to brush it under the rug, it will come back to haunt you.

You should also send the home minister of India to the police. How dare he disagree with RS and say something blasphemous!!!

Usually it is the religious zealots who bring out threats and fatwas. You are behaving exactly like followers of khomeni did in 80's. So much for non-violence.

Anonymous said...

Wat to believe?

News report 1: "Karnataka police (DGP) categorically states that
shot was fired after RS left in his car, RS was not the target"

News report 2: "I forgive my attacker: says RS"

Both reports are side by side at the same time. what to believe? What to believe indeed?

WhistleBlower said...

Apart from the strange logic, bizarre allegations & false accusation & veiled threats type of comments from AOL PR agents which I mentioned already, there were some other comments that were more revealing of AOL inner culture & they need special mention & analysis.
One was Anon 7:24 pm: “KLIM-All your students are composing a blog which will identify the true you and show your true colors to the whole world!! It is at Wait and watch!”
This strategy of using a teacher’s students against him/her is a very common one, even when teacher is still working for the organisation!! This is one of area of expertise of SriSri & his hand reared senior teachers!!

And the other ones from “ Light and Wisdom” what an inappropriate alias for someone with so much hatred & nastiness : “We all know who threatened whom! We all know who tried to extort from whom! We all know who lost respect amongst her students! We know everything about you! :)”
And he even goes further to enlighten us all with “A common thread between all loser akin to KLIM”
This comment has definitely been written by an AOL senior teacher/RS Lackey as it so incredibly well defines RS/AOL strategy of defaming any teacher who leaves the organisation. Indeed it is straight from their “handbook of how to deal with ex-teachers”!

It further illuminates the kind of light & Wisdom one sees behind the scenes in AOL, i.e. the inner culture of AOL. Each one of the criteria mentioned there can be subject of a separate post. But just briefly the general method is to defame the person & then say SriSri removed the person from the organisation due to complaints. Of course we all know not even rape, sexual or financial misconducts or any violence committed by a teacher results in the removal of the teacher, rather SriSri elevates them to more senior position like Adv/DSN/Sahaj/Eternity/Blessing course, etc teacher.

So what we are talking about here are teachers who themselves choose to leave the organisation due to terrible stuff they observe in AOL, including the culture of widespread abuse in all aspects (financial, ethical, moral, spiritual, emotional, organizational,...etc, etc.).These are the teachers who get defamed “post-leaving AOL” by RS & lackeys.
This makes further mockery of SriSri claiming he knows “everything about you, your past & your future!”

And no it is not a case of “wait & watch” for us to see what dirt you will dish on Klim or whoever you perceive to be Klim. First of all if you had any real dirt, you would have said it by now in this blog. Secondly, if you are talking about the “made-up” dirt, we have heard it all before about so many teachers who have left the organization. Indeed if the truth is to be known, more teachers leave organization than those who stay behind, hence the reason for SriSri to have regular TTC courses & churn out as many teachers as he quickly can as long as they give him few thousand dollars!

The second comment of “Light & Wisdom” further reveals the mindset of RS Lackeys, their aggression & the personal attacks on ex-teachers, rather than responding to any issues they raise.
That is why most ex-teachers do not reveal their names in this blog & also why so many teachers leave without making any public announcements. They know what they can expect otherwise.

WhistleBlower said...

@ Rako.. What a strange statement: ” you undermine the power of Faith..Just because you have lost yours please do not try and dismiss the quality of Faith in general.” Klim undermines the power of faith? How absurd is that statement!
You know Rako, all those years that i did have faith in RS , I never even looked at any anti-AOL blog or publication or searched any or read any. The only anti-AOL material I ever came across was those sent by SriSri’s office/senior teachers/AOL board, asking us to attack the author or write letter to editor, etc.I even didn’t know of Guruphiliac or Kilm’s blog until years after I had left AOL.Of course I wish I did!
No one’s looses faith by reading anti-AOL blogs, they loose faith because of what they themselves have observed in AOL.If someone has a strong faith, no matter what they read, they will stick to their own faith. Their faith get only shaken when they read something & they know it is true.Indeed their faith was already shaken by reality. So don’t blame klim or anyone else if people loose faith in RS. It is RS’ his own behaviour causing people to loose faith as his actions & his preaching are world apart!
Re “ Please show us real proof of these so-called controversies rather than drive people off the path of knowledge.”
Again, there is so much proof in this blog & aolfree blog for those who want to see, for example read NPP series & see the kind of enlightened master RS is!
You say “But I would urge you not to sow seeds of doubt in people who have experiences contrary to yours.” Again how would Klim or anyone can sow seeds of doubt in anyone’s mind if there was no truth to what they are saying. I was once bullet proof to anything –ve said about AOL. It wasn’t anyone but RS & his lackeys who sow seeds of doubts in my mind.
Rest of your stuff re value of Pranayama/Kriya/Prana ,as i said in my post “Original Sin in AOL & the final Salvation!”
,is no justification for all the abuse that happens in AOL nor a reason for enslaving of people to a false guru & a fraud organisation!

Anonymous said...

@KLIM-Looks like you are not allowing comments anymore? :)

This is the same anon who wrote about the Indian Government. Please dont twist things this by calling it a threat. You used free speech to write something and I used free speech to tell you that it was not a wise thing to do...Free speech has some limits where you can criticize someone but the tone you have used in many posts are honestly looking like hate messages against SSRS

Btw, I have no intention of passing this blog on to anyone or anything like that. Write and express yourself but in a constructive manner..

WhistleBlower said...

@ Anon 9:30 AM loved your comment. So true. As Vinay is the one who really doesn’t have an enemy, unlike RS who now claims the shot was definitely fired at him & that he has enemies , I suggest Vinay is more entitled to the title of “enlightened master” than SriSri is!
Furthermore, Vinay is such an amazing man to accept such a dangerous shot with so much magnanimity & calmness & not even wanting to get so much fame & publicity from it.
And for someone like SriSri who expects: “I request the intelligence bureau and police to thoroughly probe the incident", he should have been a bit quicker in informing police, not taking 3 hours to simply report, giving the assassin plenty time to flee & dispose of the weapon!
How ridiculous is that to not report a so called “assassination attempt” for more than 3 hours but expecting IB to solve the mystery!

And how funny that Vinay should specifically say he doesn’t have any properties in Bangalore ,more than we can say for our Ravi (plenty real estate all bought from funds collected in name of charity!!):
"I do not have any enemies. I joined the course only five or six days ago. I do not have any properties in Bangalore. I stay in a rented house. My father is a retired government servant. We are innocent people," said Vinay, who hails from Belgaum in north Karnataka.

The UnEnlightened One said...

Listening to the pro-AOL people on this blog never ceases to amuse me - It just proves my theory of the AOL universe being run by a collective mindset comprising of a single brain cell. In Reply to Anon who wants to show this blog to the police - by all means, please do - so that other people can infer that what inside your brain is basically an empty box car with a BB pellet in it rolling about. I was told that AOL would help me discover my right side of the brain - or was it left? I can never remember.
This blog was never a threat or a coterie formed by ex-AOLers to plot and conceive harm upon SSRS and the like. This blog is to debate, share opinions and stories of like minded people who went through AOL and decided that the Kool Aid didn't taste good anymore. Considering the sketchiness of the news reports coming in, everyone has a right to be skeptical. And for all you AOL devouts out there - I have shot a gun - infact several hand guns, a sub machine gun and a rifle with several calibers. I know how the trajectory of a bullet should behave and trust me - it is loud and surprisingly difficult to aim exactly at a target because of the forces exerted due to recoil. At 700 feet, the bullets trajectory would no longer be flat and that would explain why vinay may have gotten hurt - I subscribe to the theory that the assailant was no terrorist - but probably a disgruntled AOL fool. I hate to say it but if it was indeed a terrorist attack or an assassination attempt, SSRS wouldnt be giving speeches anymore. These guys never miss - esp. when you know you are in a place with 0 security and your target being surrounded by a cordon of idiots - they'd fire more than one shot to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys hire someone in India to get him killed? There are rumors that one of you hard code bloggers might be involved in this. Even if this isn't true, you guys are worse than terrorists. Killing someone is 'ok'- at least the matter is done once for all, but keeping him alive and shooting bad words from your useless stinking mouth, making false allegation,deriving pleasure out of it and what worse laughing at such a serious incident just shows your macabre sense of humor and sadistic nature.

WhistleBlower said...

Klim, I want to acknowledge you for publishing AOL PR agents comments, in spite of them being so foolish, defamatory, aggressive & threatening. I used to get quite irritated by them & wished that you wouldn’t publish their trite & often regurgitated non-sense. But I have come to see the wisdom of you publishing them as they are really revealing to the mindset of AOL brainwashed followers/lackeys/PR agents. These comments give readers insights about the culture of abuse within AOL we had to deal with!

Anonymous said...

AOL Black List

Does anyone know the existence and details of AOL blacklist?

Security personnel who restrict visitors at a certain point inside the ashram, especially towards the residence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, carry with them a list of nine people who are blacklisted and restricted from entering the ashram. “These people are not allowed in the ashram. There have been complaints against them,” a security official said.

Read full report at

Manish said...

Well I too have done the AOL basic course and also the advanced course. I was once upon a time actively involved in Seva and Satsang, but thankfully have come out of it now. Here are a few points I'd like to put forward

1) Why does AOL always charge for their courses/satsangs etc. Why is the price different in different cities?

2) Why are the Audio and Video of AOL so damn expensive. Trust me the quality of the same is pathetic. An amateur videographer would do a better job.

3) Did anyone of you happen to watch SSRS telephonic interview on Star News at around 11:00 pm on the day the firing happened in Kanakpura ashram? The same has not been repeated but trust me SSRS was absolutely not in control. He was fumbling for words and called the shooter a terrorist. He even mentioned that he has no idea how the guy managed to escape. This reaction from a person who teaches everyone not to be scared of death. Please give me a break.

4) There are so many stories about SSRS having helped his devotees in time of need. egs mobile battery charges up suddenly. People suddenly receive SMS in a no coverage area etc etc. If this guru is so powerful could he not see what was going to happen in his own ashram.

5) The accounts of AOL are in a mess. People say that guruji does it so that people are in the present moment. No prizes for guessing what the real motive is.

6) Guruji himself has accepted on Television that there are villagers on whose land his Ashram has been built are unhappy. Why sir may I ask? If you can keep the entire world happy and satisfied why not pay the poor villagers their due. Hmmm do I smell something here.

7) The AOL basic course is crap. It does not bring about any benefit. Do not trust me? Well these are not my words - The AOL supporters would perhaps find this to be true if they watch the discourse on Ashtavakra Gita by Sri Sri wherein he himself has said this. Watch the complete series on Ashtavakra Gita (BTW it costs Rs 3000 for some crap video and audio quality).

8) SSRS during one of the elections had asked the AOL teachers to vote for one religious party. Why is a spiritual leader so interested in politics?

9) How many of you know who the owner of the Kanakpura Ashram is? It's not owned by a trust. No prizes for guessing the correct answer.

10) SSRS teaches love and compassion. Write on any blog against SSRS and see how his disciples react. They sure have been learning the true Art of Living.

SSRS is knowledgeable and knows the scriptures very well. No doubt about it. But for me he is no longer my Guru. I do believe in spirituality but I do not want to be associated with AOL any more. Just my decision.

Vinaya said...

Klim you are very prophetic. This incident has clearly proved what a lair Ravishankar is.

In one single interview he is giving conflicting statements. First he says that he came to know about the fact that it was a bullet fired after 45 minutes and next he says he did not want the devotees to panic after the bullet was fired. He says cops are telling a white lie but I wonder who he is trying to fool. I am also wondering about the intelligence level of AOL devotees who planned this fiasco and also the other idiots in AOL who beleive in these blatant lies.

ND said...

Anon : May 31, 2010 1:38 PM
You are threatening of Police Action against the blog. Just do it. Let everyone know the contents of the blog. More and more people will aware what is happening. People who are in AOL and whose some brain is remained to be washed will definately leave the organisation.
but, People like you, whose brain is completely washed and removed from the place being useless, can not understand.
Any sound person who has read the AOL statements on attack, Police statemetns, Minister Statements can easily understand that the story is well cooked. First AOL claimed that someone shoot and the person sitting with Guruji in car is hit. But DGP claimed that the incidence tool place atleast 5 minutes after Guruji left. It was fired from more than 700ft. Do you think any terrorist or person want to kill RS will do such act? Never, they plan well and execute better.
It is clear that some one fired at someone for unknown reason (As per TV news, it was due to property dispute between two diciples as stated by Home MInister of India)
The inner circle must have thought for 3 hours, they cann't supress the matter, because many people would have seen this, someone may have taken video on mobile. So, its dangerous to hide. Then how to disclose? The accused person may have asked to get lost for couple of months underground. Then FIR logdged.
But, Police is not fool, they have noted this within few hours and given their statement. Ravi Shankar was furious.
Go to police, you will have to give answer on your contraditory statements, delayed filing of FIR, real reason of attack and if you think it was terrorist attack, then why the hell you shut your mouth for 3 hours, you would have given the terrorists to attack again or run to some safe place. If it was a terrorist attack, you have helped them to flee by your inaction. You have to give reply Mr. Anon.

Anonymous said...

DGP Singh told :

"I won't call it an attack as such because the bullet was fired five minutes AFTER guruji left. The bullet was not aimed at any person per se, as it seems to have been fired not only from a distance but also in the air," the state police chief said.

He said the bullet was fired from an illegally-made pistol of 0.32 calibre by an unidentified person between 6.05-6.10 p.m. in the ashram premises five minutes after Ravi Shankar left the spot in his car.

"We are investigating the case on some leads we got. From the preliminary evidence, we have from the injured victim Vinay, the bullet was fired from a distance of 700-750 feet and its trajectory was up in the air," Singh said.

The bullet was handed late Sunday over to the investigating team by the foundation members.

"We are also inquiring into the three hour delay in informing the police of the incident," the police chief said.


As the bigger picture on the firing at Art of Living Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has started emerging, many mysteries and loopholes too have surfaced.

The big question is that the firing took place AFTER the guruji left the place.

The second mystery is that the firing was in the air, not at Ravishankar, and from a distance of 700 to 750 feet away. The gun, from which the firing took place, is used only for close range shots.

Thirdly, nobody, including the Guruji, saw the man. The fifing was not at close range or at the car of Ravi Shankar. So why and how did Ravi Shankar claim that there was an attempt on his life?

Fourthly, there was heavy downpour at that time. Hence, a perfect aim was impossible. Will anyone who wants to attempt an assassination bid use these conditions?

Fifth: The time lapse. The firing incident took place at 6 pm, but was made public only three hours later. What was the reason behind this delay? His devotees say that those close to the guru were in `consultation'. What was there to consult for three hours when the police should have been informed immediately.

Ashram spokesperson Charu said the incident came to light only after the spiritual leader shared it with his followers during a satsang scheduled around 7 PM. "We were not aware of it (shooting) till he shared it with us," she said.

Mystery number 6: Sources say that except the very close circle of the Guru, nobody saw or heard the gunshot.

Mystery number 7: Investigations revealed that the bullet that was fired was from a .32 bore revolver. This is an ordinary revolver and all licensed revolver owners can use it. Terrorists seldom use the revolver. So can a terror angle be ruled out? If so, was it a work of someone in the ashram?

Mystery number 8: Where is the gun?

The Guru himself added mystery number nine when he said on Monday that there were people who wanted to attack him but he was not afraid and would continue to spread the message of anti-terrorism and peace. Who are these forces? If they are terrorists, they would not have used an ordinary pistol.

Ravishankar said: "I was about to sit in the car when the incident happened. Those spreading terror might have attacked me. I will continue to spread anti-terrorism messages."

Kitapati said...

Check the poll in the churumuri blog:

Anonymous said...

Govt, Sri Sri now involved in 'Art of Firing'

Art of Living guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and the Government have locked horns over Sunday evening's firing incident in the Kanakapura ashram near Bangalore. While Ravishankar says he was fired upon and has `fired' the police for taking the incident lightly, the government has a different take on the 'art of firing'.

Bangalore: Adding another dimension to the mystery surrounding the firing incident at spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar's ashram, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Monday said that it "may not be correct" to say that the "firing was aimed at him".

"Our reports says that the incident took place after Sri Sri Ravishankar left the place in his car and, therefore, it may not be correct, I underline, may not be correct to say that the firing was aimed at him," Chidambaram said stating an "oral report" had been received on the incident.

The Centre, meanwhile, was awaiting a detailed report on the incident. "It seems to be a dispute or a brawl between two of his followers. One of them has been injured in his thigh but is not in danger," the Home Minister said.

Sources said the spiritual leader had sought Z-plus security from the Centre in the past. A security upgrade, however, was unlikely, sources added.

The Karnataka Police and forensic experts, who have conducted preliminary examination of the scene of alleged gun fire at Ravishankar's ashram and the bullet wound picked up by a devotee, have concluded that no attempt was made to shoot at Ravishankar by anyone.

Preliminary investigations have concluded that a stray bullet fired from a distance beyond the range of the gun, that accidentally injured a devotee, had given rise to the speculation that an attempt had been made on the 54-year-old guru's life on Sunday evening.

With the effective range of a .32 revolver being only 150 feet, the injury caused on the devotee is likely to have been caused by a gun fired at least 700 feet away, sources said.

The .32 factory made revolver is not a prohibited weapon and is available to the public under a valid license.
Ravishankar on Monday expressed disappointment with the police description of the firing event and defended the delay in filing of a police complaint. "We don't know what happened. We heard a noise. Our administrative and security wings took time to ascertain exactly what had happened. It took time to contact the police since the ashram is 45 minutes away from the police station," Ravishankar said.

He said the police should look at the incident seriously and not brush it aside. "Instead of probing thoroughly, they are talking like this. I am disappointed," he said. He also denied the firing incident to be the result of a brawl between two devotees.

Source: Indian Express

Rahul said...

Was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar indeed target of attack?

Bangalore: A day after the alleged assassination attempt on Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, questions revolve around if it was indeed a bid on his life.
You may also want to see

Union home minister P Chidambaram said on Monday the 54-year-old spiritual leader might not have been the target of the attack. “Our reports say the incident took place after Sri Sri left the place in his car and, therefore, it may not be correct, I underline, may not be correct, to say the firing was aimed at him,” he said.

Chidambaram also suspected that the firing was a result of a “dispute between two of his [Sri Sri’s] followers”, which has also been the line of police.

Karnataka director general of police Ajai Kumar Singh too downplayed the firing saying it was an “incident”, not a “targetted attack” on the guru. “Whether it was meant at a person or not, we cannot say at the moment,” he said.

Vinay Mallikarjun, a devotee standing about 50 metres away, was reportedly hit in the thigh which police said was not even bleeding. However, the guru and his ashramites maintain the shot fired from about 700 feet away was aimed at him, and looked like an attempt on his life. Sri Sri took potshots at police and Chidambaram, saying “those who say there is rivalry in the ashram are absolving themselves of the responsibilities of investigation”.

Several questions linger. The attacker remains unidentified in spite of the fact that he appeared to have fired from the steps of the vishalakshi mantap, 700 feet from where the guru was getting into his car.

The guru says he had got into the car but not driven away when the firing took place. But what remains a mystery for police is why the attacker would fire a .32 round from a distance of 700 feet if the intention was to kill Sri Sri. A .32 round fired from such a distance is way outside the effective range (the distance in which the bullet can kill a person).

It is also unclear why it took so long for the guru or his devotees to inform police. The attack took place at 6.05 pm, while police were notified only around 9 pm.

“There was a crowd and it took us a while to realise that someone had fired. Panic could have resulted in a stampede,” Sri Sri said.

Blim Blim said...


The Art of Living Foundation / office of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
“I was coming out of the Satsang. And we heard a shot and it hit the person who was standing next to me in his thigh. He said he was fine. I would like to tell all the devotees and all the viewers not to worry about me. I’m fine. And everything is as usual in the ashram.”

Jivani said...

What happened to the blog
It was up, now it's gone.

RAMDAS said...

Heard somewhere.
Oh! it was Knowledge key given by Guruji.
Guruji, why don't you accept the fact that all your Swami/Rishi are not Enlightened, forget the devotees. They have their anger, lust, greed etc. intact even after listening to your Ashtavakra Knowledge, doing Sudarshan Kriya for years and living in 'Heaven'.
You know the truth. But, accepting the truth is suicide for your empire. So, you have decided to tell the lie instead of standing with truth. That's disappointing.
This is not expected from Spiritual Gurus.
Integrity and Truth are foremost. If they are lacking in someone, he should stop giving 'Dry Knowledge' to others.
In our marathi (Language of Maharashtra State of India) its saying that, ' Loka Sangi Bramhagnyan, Swatha Korada Pashan'
It means, giving the divine Knowledge to Others, but the Giver himself is Dry Stone.

Smiling Monkey said...

Sri Sri alleged that the Police are absolving themselves of their responsibility by saying that this shooting was a result of an internal feud.

How on earth is that true? Are incidents that occur internal to Art of Living Ashram not under their jurisdiction? If the Police feel that this shooting happened due to internal rivalry, then, they'll investigate further and find out what exactly caused this and who exactly fired the bullet.

How exactly are they absolved? They just have a lead in the investigation.

Anonymous said...

By now, it is clear that this was a stage-managed "incident" by Ravi, just to keep himself in the news and to avoid the torrent of criticism coming from ex-AOLers via this blog. He's losing fast and so he thought about this crude idea. Ravi, come on man, give up these stunts. The only thing that is true in this "ass-assination" attempt is the first three letters - ASS and that's Sri Sri Sri ASS ASS ASS Ravi. What a clown! He should be out playing with a dancing bear on village streets and eating peanuts...

KLIM and CO. said...

I am no longer posting any comments neither by AoL police nor former devotees that express aggression of any kind. Just peaceful and logical kinds. I know former members are probably in rage or just in awe at the incoherences of the incidents or the possibility this is another marketing scam. I know AoLers are upset because there are people disagreeing with them or that someone had the nerve to create a blog with inside stuff that is not nice. When I created this blog, I knew I was taking a risk, and yet I could not but do it. What was I going to do with all those secrets I had inside and that confusion? I was warned by many former old-timers to stay away from the group and RS because they were capable of everything, one should fear them, they said. Well, it saddens me that people who know so much and whom I admired keep their mouths shut and let others be abused. It makes me sad that I was warned I should fear the organization I once considered spiritual. It makes me sad to see RS's behaviors upon the existence of the blog, etc. in the support of blogs condemning people who did not have good experiences or question them. It makes me sad that instead of taking this as an opportunity to improve themselves, they have "gone against the mistake", thus, not living the knowledge they preach. Many things about them still make me sad, as many things about myself still make me sad, but above all, it saddens me to witness all this stupid aggression back and forth in the name of .... was it spirituality?

Though I never thought it was going to go public, and as you can see, I don't do anything to publicize it because that is not my interest - it is just my own journal that allowed a few others to contribute too, seeing all this aggression back and forth, takes me back to my days in the AoL, and at times, as someone whose suffered of traumatic stress, it is quite dissociating. I know the same happens to many former members when they read the comments of AoLers. It is my wish, that this in itself helps AoLers ponder about their actions. Why would a spiritual organization create so much fear and damages in people who leave, and even those who are still in?

Yet, I am out of it, and ever since I left I don't see so much human crap as I have seen in AoL times or during this post-little incident battle. I don't intend to relive those feelings through a blog for my recovery. Mainly, I encourage we focus in our recovery not in defaming them. It is not our job to be god or save anyone. I've already done that and it felt outrageously stupid. Again, if this blog was meant to expose them or bring the AoL, believe me, I would actually write defamatory stories with names and shocking details, as I would have allowed many comments and articles that were not posted. So far, it is just memoirs in the form of anecdotes.

People of all opinions and sides (if any), truce, will ya? Let Ravi solve his incident. I, on the other hand, would accept a cup of chai. Anyone?