Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ravi Shankar's Hankering for NPP (Part 3)

By “His Holiness Sri Sri Whistleblower Ji”
(Did you notice the extra Ji at the end of my title? nice, hay?)

And the day before the official announcement, AOL people were expecting the NPP to just fall on SriSri’s lap. These kind of emails were circulating:
Friday, 7 October 2005 -Dear All,Jai Guru Dev!Tomorrow at 11am (Oslo, Norway time) will be the announcement we have all been waiting for. Attached is a media release. Please feel free to copy as you like.

Ever pleasing Francois Gautier (SriSri’s puppet journalist) even prepared this press statement for AOL centres:
*** It is with great pride that we receive the news that His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2005. His Holiness has been working tirelessly for bringing peace in the lives of people for the past 25 years.

Attempts to bring peace in society have been largely confined to the realms of economics and politics and have often missed the spiritual perspective. That’s where His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been making a difference. Using his globally acclaimed breath-based stress-elimination programmes, he has been able to promote a stress-free society as the only permanent antidote to terrorism and violence.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has not only motivated thousands of volunteers to action towards peaceful co-existence, but also traveled extensively to strife-torn places to heal the wounds of victims and calm the aggressors. Thus he has been able to bring together people from opposing opinions. From Kashmir to Kosovo to Israel, he has worked to create a desire and drive for peace among the people from both sides of conflicts. A case in point is Sri Sri’s all inclusive pan-Kashmir approach to promote collective peace in militancy-hit Kashmir Valley, where within a short span of time, he reached out to all sections and rallied them together to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and dialogue.

This award will help encourage people to set aside all barriers of caste, creed, race, nationality and religion and join Sri Sri’s ceaseless crusade for peace. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar hopes that the recognition bestowed by this award will go a long way in realising his vision of a stress-free society.

It could not have come at a more special time when the Art of Living Foundation is gearing up to celebrate the completion of 25 years of service to humanity. Though this event will be feted throughout the year in major cities around the world, the main celebration will be in Bangalore, India in February 2006. Heads of governments, spiritual and other leaders from all over the world will come together at the event, …………..

What a laugh! Sri Sri’s own press office in Bangalore Ashram were so sure about Sri sri receiving NPP that they sent a press kit to all centres, even releasing Guruji’s statement to them, all ready to go:
We are delighted to learn that His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Peace. The first ever Indian to win this accolade, His Holiness views this as an affirmation of our country’s long-standing spiritual ideals of knowledge, non-violence and harmony......

Very humble acceptance statement, don’t you think so?!!(Esp knowing he had got it prepared beforehand!!!)

And just to be sure no enthusiastic devotee published the above statement before the official announcement from Norway, they added these warnings to the emails:
...Please note that the statement by the Art of Living Foundation will be shared with the press only after the NPP commitee makes the announcement.


So funny, don’t you think so?! They sure were salivating waiting for the news & most of it from SriSri himself.

And what a shame that all that preparation came to nothing when the next day, NPP 2005 was awarded to the International Atomic Energy Organization & not to SriSri !!!

And before the national coordinators had a chance to breath , after all the work they did for NPP 2005, they received the new directive from Sri Sri through the same project team:
After several consultations with Guruji, we are very delighted to once again invite all colleagues in the NPP project network to embark on a fresh undertaking: to put forward Guruji’s candidacy for the NPP 2006. Guruji’s message to us all is that we should not not lose heart in not making it to our goal this year. Instead, the challenge is for us to strive and persevere with more dedication and creativity in the cause spreading his living legacy of peace. We have learned so much from our past NPP project experience, and we should continue to put to bear our 100% efforts on the noble aim of calling the attention of the whole world to the great works of Guruji.
………..We know that the NPP is a “Euro-centric” political process and we are calling on all European NPP Coordinators to re-double their efforts to secure many more NPP nominations from Europe.

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not again?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do we have to go through all that again?!!!! Yes, Sri Sri wants a NPP. Can we just give one to him ourselves, to make this megalomaniac happy? No, he wants the one from Norway!! Can we buy him one?!! Well, that is what we have been trying to do & continue to do, ie buy influence!! I wish buying a NPP for SriSri was at easy as buying some stamps with his pictures on it & saying Govt of that country issued them in his honour!! It would have saved all of us so much time & effort!

So here we went again. There were new set of orders from top echelon to win NPP2006:
Last year, we were not able to secure a single nomination from “peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs”, as a category of eligible nominators. This year, it should be our high priority to get nominations from these institutions.

Unlike last year where our efforts to secure nominations were concentrated in the month of January, this year we must come up with the needed nominations by end December 2005.

Nominators who agree to write a nomination letter for Guruji will be given assistance in drafting their letter if so requested. Attached to this email are a list of points, duly noted by Guruji, which our nominators can choose to highlight in their nomination letters. Please study these points carefully and consider which ones can be personally endorsed by a nominator whom you have approached. As in the past, drafting assistance will be extended to NPP National Coordinators by members of the International Coordination Team.

…So let us please quickly, discreetly, and with renewed enthusiasm re-launch our NPP campaign. Guruji has given his blessings to each and everyone of us. This round has to be the final round!

The NPP project international coordination team will immediately contact all coordinators by phone for consultations and follow-up.
Jaina Desai
Frederique Lebelley
Ewald Poeran
Christoph Glasser
Fahri Saatcioglu
Werner Luedemann
Peter Payoyo

(Please note Guruji’s secretary’s name, Jaina, appears at the top of SriSri’s NPP project team list.)

We were all wondering, didn’t His Holiness, Himself , bless the project last year? So what was the use of his blessings?!! And if no good last year, what good it would be this year?!!

Only if Norway Noble Committee knew what we had to endure to get this guy a NPP, surely they would have shown some compassion & just give it to him. Just for one year!! That is all he wanted, to be known as the winner of NPP, so he could get more money from George Bush & alike to build his real estate business. What is wrong with that?!! Just another title he could add to his name. Why Oslo Noble team couldn’t get it that this guy was GOD; that he could add any title he wanted to his name. So he was really giving them an opportunity & a great honour to confer Sri Sri the NPP title & earn good merits! What an honour would be for Nobel committee if SriSri got NPP!!! They didn’t think about that, did they? Silly silly boys! As Gautier would have us believe, it would have increased the integrity of NPP so many folds if it was given to Srisri!!! Right Francois?
And if NPP could have been bought by cash, that would have been no problem either. SriSi may be short of integrity & honesty, but not short of cash!

To be continued....


Abhijith said...

simply STUPID!. . . wat quality does u own... to speak like this... abt such a Great Humanitarian. . .
U should feel ashamed of ur self to hav written like that... well anyway u will know HIM one day... WHO HE.. Really IS... Beware!!! Will pray to GOD, to have a better mind set for U... to become a better human being... One thing 4 sure ONE DAY u will come to know the POWER of LOVE. . . u can very well mail me at abhijgd.aol@gmail.com

Ravi said...

Does anyone know if RS is still craving for NPP or he has finally given up and just happy claiming that he was nominated for NPP.

jivani said...

One word: pathetic.

I'm annoyed that people are telling university students (and others) in my town about how he was nominated because of all he did, in order to bring them to the course. I feel protective of these young people!

Svetana said...

His Holiness Sri Sri Whistleblower Ji,

I like Ji at the end of your name. May be you should double it and , then, you’ll become even more important than RS. I will, probably, start worshiping you and feel proud that we “Belong to the same Blogger”. I will, definitely, feel that I am Somebody now.
I wonder, how people fall prey to all these outer things and titles. And how cold and miserable should feel RS, who enjoys pompous titles like Shri Shri, HH. Ji, NP Nominee. The more you are awoken spiritually, the more humble you become (to make a conclusion does not require Ph D). Leading this kind of fake live all the time must feel terrible. No money and adoration of the crowd can feel RS’s inner emptiness and loneliness. Plus, nobody can avoid karma, it’s coming to him, like it is coming to all of us. Followers will share it, too, if they prefer not to wake up. Universal Consciousness dwells in every person’s heart, why betray it for titles and saintly make up? Are you not ready for real things yet? Have some respect and love for your Self, if you are a sincere seeker.

Jai His Holiness Sri Sri Whistleblower Ji Ji.

WhistleBlower said...

Thaks Svetana.
Yes, my purpose in writting the 4- part NPPP sham was to expose RS for what he really is, a whore in search of power, fame and glory and of course $$$.
Have you read:
Case Study on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: is he a Sociopath?


It is most interesting. See how many attributes there you will see about RS. If anything RS symptoms are 100 times worse & more blatantly obvious!

Maybe we should ask John Knapp to do a case study on RS. Would be most interesting.


ND said...

He is still trying. In last elections in India, he has supported to non-congress parties (particularly BJP)not because of HIndutva, but his understanding that, Congress Chief Soniya Gandhi, who is christian, has stopped Noble Committee from giving award to RS (because he is Hindu Saint). All the volunteers are directed to vote against congress party, this was out of anger and hate, not because Congress is useless party. (Where is spreading of Love and peace gone?) This story of how Soniya came between RS and NPP, told to volunteers in closed meetings by very senior teachers. He tried to spread much hate against Congress as possible to him.(Eventually, Congress won the elections).
Its pity that Volunteers, really belive this type of stories and acts accordingly.

Svetana said...

Dear WistleBlower,

I have read John Knapp’s summery on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and comparison of the Maharishi's behaviors with the symptom list. It is very well written and with a great deal of expertise in this area.


It’s amazing how many symptoms may be applied to RS’s behavior. Typical case, I would say. Maharishi and RS are really “birds of feather”.
It’s a great idea to ask John Knapp to write his knowledgeable analysis of RS personality, so that people, who have some openness of the mind (enlightenment), would have a chance to read it and make their own conclusions.

WhistleBlower said...

Dear ND,
Yes, I also read lots of emails last year, all originating on RS order, bashing Congress party & trying to promote BJP.
Many emails had his direct quotes & it was obvious to everyone that he was throwing all his weight behind BJP party.
His lackey Bawa was also in full swing & sending emails & even posting on his website re the matter.
It was obvious that RS & his lackeys had thrown all caution to the wind & were electioneering big time for BJP. ALL Indian members were told to vote for BJP & all AOL centres & teachers in India were told to campaign for BJP & spread nasty rumours against Congress party.

Their remarks about congress party was very derogatory & they were spreading lots of lies against them, including accusing them of being Anti-hindu party.
As long as I remember RS politics has always been extreme right.
When few years back there was talk of Soniya's name being put forward for PM, RS went bezerk & went out of his way & issued so many racist & anti feminist remarks against her & saying woe India if Soniya gets to become PM. At the end Soniya herself didn't accept the position and asked Mr. Singh to take it.
If there is any policy trying to help poor or disadvantaged or dalites or prmoting females in education/career, SriSri is the first one to speak up against it!
It was so lovely to see Congress win the election. RS suddenly started to quieten down & he pretended that he was not campaigning for BJP at all! Hypocratic lier he is.
It all goes to show that Indian people on whole were not deceived by SriSri . Also maybe BJP party should stop seeking AOL support & stop giving AOL so much money. It didn't do them much good this time, won't be any better next time either.