Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let me share my painful story with the readers of this blog

(note: the author provided his full complete name. I removed it for his own safety)

All these years I have been looking for Anti AOL websites but did not come across any. Today when I googled again, your blog was the first on the list. I am so relieved and happy to know that after years of hiding under a shroud, the truth about AOL and Sri Sri is being made public.

Let me share my painful story with the readers of this blog, my name is xxx - was in AOL from 1997 - 2004. My wife did the course and then became a very dedicated volunteer with the local AOL centre, we were located in South East Asia. She persuaded me to take up the course and I did so to keep her happy. I must confess that I enjoyed the course though the kriya did not do anything fantastic for me. My wife started spending a lot of time away from home and our kid doing seva. The child was left with the maid most of the time. Visiting teachers stayed at our home, she used to spend time cooking, washing their clothes, taking them shopping and paying for their shopping. I was not too pleased but I felt that I should not stop her from doing seva.I hardly saw her when these visiting teacher stayed with us.

An advance course was organised and the teacher stayed at our place. My instinct told me that my wife was emotionally involved with this teacher but I brushed it aside. She was smitten with him, it was so obvious.

One afternoon I had to come back home and I found both of them in bed.

I cannot remember now what I did in my fit of anger. I divorced my wife, my child is in a bording school and I live a very lonely life.

I made it my life's mission to destroy AOL just like how it destroyed my loving home. I have sent emails to many AOLites all over the world regarding my story - I received emails threatening to hunt me down and destroy me asking me not to propagate lies about the teachers and AOL.

This blog is an answer to my prayers, I will forward this blog to everyone I know.

Let me assure readers of this blog who have doubts and who feel that all these are lies to undermine AOL, everything written here is the truth. The end is near for AOL,people are beginning to see the real nature and are avoiding it.People are reaching out to other gurus who are sincere, humble and have true knowledge about the Vedas and scriptures.

I have found solace in Ramdev Baba and Avdhoot Babaji

Please keep forwarding this blog to as many people as you can - we cannot be complacent and allow frauds to thrive on the spiritual needs of seekers.


Anonymous said...

Good one Klim:)

KLIM & CO. said...

My heart goes to you and your child, though I am sure your ex wife is not doing that well either. Unfortunately this is the not the only story I know AoL has messed up a family. I have even seen SSRS insist a couple remained married just because he was interested in the wealth and status of the husband (the wife was the devoted teacher), both had terrible fights that affected their child, both ignored the child (she only wanted to follow the guru everywhere, and he avoided being in the house because of the bad relationship with the wife). She was having an affair with another married teacher, whose marriage fell off because of it soon after that, but still the guru advised against them getting a divorced. It was all along obvious SS was only interested in the money of the husband, who belonged to an important socialite family.

Saddest thing is all those teachers are probably still teaching, even promoted (to cover their messes), and people think they are some evolved beings. What fraud.

Peaceful Warrior said...

This person is obviously disturbed, because his wife cheated on him with an AOL teacher. Sad, as the situation might be, I don't see how you can blame AOL for ruining his life....It was his cheating wife.

By voicing his opinion - you lose credibility - as this person cannot see beyond his hate. I was much more impressed by your earlier postings. You seemed to be motivated more by compassion for people like you and less out of hatred.

I admire your courage and good work - but do hope that you don't give in to hatred like this person.

KLIM & CO. said...

Peaceful Warrior, I don't agree with you on this one. This person IS hurt because his wife cheated on him, but see who she cheated him with! A teacher of spirituality? Did you see how people look up at teachers in general? That teacher was also wrong. Wrong use of power, status, etc. And Sri Sri even more wrong by supporting the teacher. I don't know who this teacher is but I would not be surprised this teacher was promoted instead.

These are the kind of things that happen in the spiritual movement.

Art of Leaving said...

I am glad you found this blog. Welcome. :-)

Thank you for being so brave to take on AoL and for sharing your painful experiences here. I hope your life will not be lonely for long. Please just be cautious and don’t put too much trust in another Guru, especially not the popular ones. Hurt once by a fraud is enough.

Ravi and AoL leave a trail of lonely and damaged people behind them, and take absolutely no responsibility for their actions. Cold-blooded and cruel, and they call that spirituality.

Art of Leaving said...

Peaceful Warrior,
Your comment is vicious and out of order. It was clearly a question of abuse of power and “spiritual” status. Read the entire post again. She was seduced by AoL ideology to give her entire life to AoL at the expense of her family, obviously falling for the idea that devotion and service to the Guru are important above all else. Then one of the Guru’s senior teachers come along, supposedly spiritually superior and obviously closer connected to the Guru than her own husband, but interested in sex too. Once you’ve been sufficiently brainwashed by AoL culture and courses, it’s very hard to remain grounded, especially in the face of authority, “spiritual” power and charisma. You become a puppet desiring to please their every whim. I’ve seen and experienced in myself how all ethics gets eroded in the process. Do please exercise a little more empathy and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Peaceful warrior

I bear no hatred to anyone it took me six years to self reflect and to overcome the anger and hurt.I shared the story to reveal that art of living part 2 teachers are not evolved human beings.I hope that this will not happen to any other family.The teacher is a married man too and if I am not mistaken he has been ordained as a Rishi

Anonymous said...

I feel really sorry. This is second such incident I am hearing. In another incident, one of relatives was sort of 'Addicted' to 'Kalki' seva. She used to go for many sevas by 'Kalki Bhagwan'. She had husband and kids. One day she went on a long seva and never returned for whole night. Next day she returned very serious and they admitted in some hospital and then she passed away. Till date her death is mysterious. What a painful end to such innocents, who repose so much faith, more than their own life on such organizations and individuals, and finally what they face.... Oh my God, Sometimes I feel like I don't want to hear any such bad incidents... Shameful, Agonising, unbearable, and at the same time we are not able to do anything to prevent such incidents.... I think, God's avatar should come and only then such things can stop. ( if GOD is real, who I hope is real)

Anonymous said...

I seriously feel your wife would have got hypnotized etc. So, you can find out where she is and (may be she is in a bad shape) get her cured psyccologically as well as physically and try to get united. I am sure, actual GOD would help you in your life. I also pray to GOD for the same.

Peaceful Warrior said...


I agree with you that Indeed, a teacher of spirituality having an affair with a married he is wrong. But one incident does not indict an just seems like hate mongering, from a husband who has been hurt.

Maybe I'm more realistic/cynical - but living in the world we live in - I'm not surpised that these things happen...and have learnt to accept them as normal human depravity. My expectations from a religious organization are more realistic - it is there for people to come together in knowledge - there are no holy cows here. To expect it is to be naive.

However, a pattern of this, and an organization looking the other way is indeed disturbing, and points to organizational rot. And if Sri Sri brushes these things under the carpet - he is not only wrong, but a spineless coward as well.

KLIM & CO. said...

Not only does Shankar brush these things under the carpet, he supports them. Like he did not do anything about the women who reported some teacher raping them, he instead promotes them, which disqualifies the people making the accusations and distorts the real character of the teacher. As in this case, my suspicion confirmed by the author of the text, this teacher is a married man and promoted to Rishi!

To the author, if it serves of any consolation, this rishi is known for his affairs! His poor wife has to endure it. And they all put on a lying face. Him teaching BLESSINGS COURSE? Holding satsangs? Giving conferences? Teaching Part 2? She teaching TTC, Part 2, etc.? Who are we kidding? What values are they really hoping to spread? What role models are those? Of one that affairs, deception is correct, and that a woman should endure all that for the greater knowledge? That self-dignity, self-respect and integrity should be corrupted if there is good being done in the bigger picture? It is all sick, but the sickest is Shankar who, knowing all of this, supports it! He knows how charismatic this rishi is and how many people he brings. Whether conquering through knowledge or though hormonnes, as long as they keep bringing more devotees!

grateful_reader said...
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ashrihar said...
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Grateful Reader said...

This post/topic reminds me of problems in the Catholic church and especially the child-abuse scandal in the US from ~2002. Abuse was exposed and so were church officials who looked the other way and implicitly let the abuse continue.

The guilty priests were obviously defrocked and I think some bishops who protected them were asked to resign and they did.

I'm tempted to think these issues of corrupt teachers are more of an organizational thing that is to be expected but if SSRS is personally covering for them and promoting them then clearly this is a very deep/troubling issue. I guess it wouldn't really help to ask SSRS to resign.

Ashrihar said...

Actually, Re: my last post.
If the stories and coverups are true, publicly asking SSRS to resign is exactly what we need to do. As the original post mentioned, there is an alarming lack of public disapproval/skepticism when it comes to AoL. Just writing about these topics and calling for SSRS to stop would go a long way.

KLIM & CO. said...

(sorry about the mistake, i had to delete and repost on comment, at the request of its author, and the other one got trashed by mistake). Both reposted again, as per request.

Anonymous said...

KLIM - had you interacted with a swami, who previously was a Prof/HOD at a local engg college? He was truly a wonderful person teaching engg. subject(s) for free. Sorry to digress.

KLIM & CO. said...

I am not sure I understand the question. Can you be more specific?

Anonymous said...

Since there are only a couple of Rishis (may be I am not up to date), is this Rishi the one I am thinking, the most popular, the most charismatic Rishi in AOL?

a humble witness said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your story. I just wanted to reassure you that you are not alone. I have a friend who divorced her husband so that she could "be with" a senior teacher (incidentally a part 2 teacher, but not a rishi). Now, she doesn't have a husband or her teacher, and she continues to slave for the organization and to help further its goals.

It is so easy to get seduced by a spiritual teacher. Like wolves disguised in sheep's clothing, they speak of lofty values and grandiose ideas about love and the way life and the world works, and it is easy to let one's guard down and feel safe around such people. It is unfortunate that a number of these teachers are predators, just waiting for an innocent devotee to let her guard down, and to take advantage of her trust.

I am an educated professional, and while I never fell prey to a teacher's sexual seduction, I must admit, I was seduced by the mistaken notion that I could be a hero and do so much good through the organization. I devoted six years of my life to the org. and became a teacher before realizing that the whole org. is a fraud, that most of its teachers are hypocrites, and that the teachings and practices do more harm than good to most people I have encountered.

I wish you and your child all the best.

Jivani said...

Sorry to hear of your difficult divorce. It was quite unprofessional and devious of that teacher to come into your home and have an affair with your wife while leading a course.

The Guru is advising who should get divorced? What does he know of marriage? Sometimes the people who know the least give the most advice. I think it's quite presumptuous for him to think he should give advice about people's personal lives on that level. How can he know what's best for everyone? Aside from doing it for money, I wonder if he thinks he knows everything? Has every answer?

One of my teachers said he wouldn't speak until he could look at everyone the same way he looks at a newborn baby. I think perhaps RS should speak less and look at himself more. It's easy to love a Guru who doesn't speak :)

"I made it my life's mission to destroy AOL"--Perhaps AoL will destroy itself with dishonesty and come back anew. That could be very positive.

Anonymous said...

The sweet blessing swami shared this during my friend's course

After that infamous scandal of a guru's aashram broke out in the indian media swami approached SSRS. Swami said he as a trustee of aol doesn't feel safe. swami felt he could be convicted for grave misdeeds or mistakes of others. Swami had this message for people after that conversation with SSRS

"Saying that I am with Guruji so nothing can happen to me IS NOT VALID". "What is valid is whether Guruji is with you?"

So whenever you are doing anything in the name of Guruji /AoL ask yourself this important question "Whether Guruji is with you? then decide your course of action"

I dont think there is anything more to say.

Anonymous said...

Bing elevated to Rishi (married) or Swami (bachelor) status happens only when the man has conquered his desires including sexual desires.

People do not become swami or rishi just because they grow long hair or talk lots of knowledge from scriptures or copy mannerisms of guru or lick guru's feet or do long and hard labor for the organization.

It takes a hard consistent practice of witness consciousness (SakshiBhav) and steady elevation of the self. No guru can help you there you HAVE TO do it to yourself All by Yourself.

Before such elevation of the soul happens everyone is fallible.

I have seen some women falling head over heels for charismatic senior teachers. It is quite possible that women seduce the men and it may not be right to assume men are always the culprits.

Out of curiousity I have closely observed both rishies and some swamies. They behaved with total indifference to women. In fact I saw that they sweetly discouraged some attractive women from giving them flowers or humbly refused to accept gifts /flowers from women or politely refused to indulge in casual conversations with them. I saw such neglected pretty women felt publically humiliated. They may cry foul and call them arrogant etc. later on.

I dont mean to hurt anyone's feeling here. It is just an account of what I Know. sincere apologies if anyone feels hurt.

Reshma said...

"KLIM - had you interacted with a swami, who previously was a Prof/HOD at a local engg college? He was truly a wonderful person teaching engg. subject(s) for free. Sorry to digress."

I was one of the the students of this so called Prof/HoD in the Bangalore engineering college. This person was not a professor he was a lecturer in Physics in our engineering college. You need to have far more credentials and experience to be a professor or HoD. Chayyana or Swami Suryapada did not have that. Of course that is not of much consequence in what we are discussing here. In AOL they can even make a scientist out of a lecturer. It serves their propoganda purpose.

He is made out to be some kind of saint which he surely is not. Ask even his family members and they will tell you. I have personally known him use his charm and persuasion to attract young college girls and exploit them. I was one of the teachers in his so called free tuitions which lasted for about 3 years. We were senior engineering students who used to teach to the juniors for free in his house in Jaynagar, Bangalore. That was more a front for getting close to girls and his sociopathic activities. After he got into AOL all the free tuitions stopped. Before AOL he was an Osho fan and he used to visit the pune commune. He used to share with us the Osho meditation cassettes. Once he became an AOL teacher he would go around asking everyone to join his courses. He had a fondness for pretty girls and has abused some of my close friends who have become emotional wrecks because of this man. Now he is a teacher of Guru Puja spreading all the propoganda of the Guru and looking for his new bait. The local language kannada newspaper 'Agni' had a three part series on the sexual exploits of this Professor/HoD and AOL Saint.
I can only say bugger off to people who talk about the saintly character of this man.

KLIM & CO. said...

"It is quite possible that women seduce the men and it may not be right to assume men are always the culprits."

Let me see ... so the women seduce and if the man engages, the victim is the man ... interesting.

Please wake up. It was a known fact in the inner circle this Rishi constantly had affairs, even his wife knew about it! You know how many women we are talking about? Not only married women but also young women. I have even spoken with Swamis who have difficulties handling their sexual desires. AoLers think looking at these characters from afar gives them a clear understanding of everything. Fools. You simply don't know how many secrets are kept away from you and how well teachers learn to finally fake. Most of those swami boys were not even ready to be swamis. One of the last stupidities I heard when I was still part of the organization was they'd organize a course to create swamis! In fact, every participant was thrilled like Mickey Mouse had just landed with the news they could sign up for a Fantasia course on-line, and a paper was passed around for those interested to write their names.

It is not just the Rishi or the Swamis, you know how many senior teachers I know who have slept with students DURING, for example, a residential advanced course? Wake up. They are not higher evolved souls nor saints but they use their status to take advantage of situations. It is all wrong. And even worse, the lessons they indirectly teach their community. The rishi's wife for taking it and further allowing it to happen while remaining married to him, the guru and everyone else for knowing it but helping him cover it up and still support him, the many women who have kept quiet, and the rishi for having absolutely no conscience but vanity.

Shiva Bhakta said...

Wow - this is absolutely incredible that an organization like AOL is just like any corporate organization with self serving individuals.

KLIM - please shoot me an email if you can.
Check out my blog
Lot of AOL guys are putting their passionate emotional diatribe with their comments.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Rishi? If we are brave enough to talk about the Guru himself, why is noone spelling out his name? Is it Rishi Nityapragya? I can believe it of him, and of his wife Tanuja to take it. I have attended DSN with Tanu, and she did seem rather naive.

Anonymous said...

Reshma - thanks for sharing that. In 1991-93 he was the HOD of Physics I thought. He taught (Material Science) well at Ragi gudda. Us guys, felt he was quite cool & witty. I was quite surprised when I heard another peer of mine say then that he flirts with girls. While my mind wants to give him the benefit of doubt, if what you say is true I'm not sure who (i.e. which teacher) to trust. Is there a way you can share the link(s) from Agni?

Anonymous said...


"why is noone spelling out his name? Is it Rishi Nityapragya? "

Please don't degrade this to a gossip column. I'm sure KLIM has valid reasons!

KLIM & CO. said...

"I have sent emails to many AOLites all over the world regarding my story - I received emails threatening to hunt me down and destroy me asking me not to propagate lies about the teachers and AOL."

The infidelity and deception part of the story is clear, but, we seem to overlook one important point of the story too. How come AoL only knows how to solve problems in this aggressive manner and shutting or hunting down people who don't agree with their perfection or All-Godness, or those who find flaws in them? What kind of spirituality do they think they are spreading? Or rather, what kind of excessive narcissism are they spreading?

Anonymous said...

Forget the spiritual org. bit for a while. Sex and sexual harassment is common in many organizations - AOL is no different. Wherever there are people, these things will be there. However, the difference is how these things are handled.

Any half-decent organization will have processes to deal with these things - but at least take these incidents seriously and make an effort to stop it. People are promoted, and these things ignored - There is no transparency, no accountability, and teacher has enormous power.

And people are told to ignore this for spiritual development. Ya right!

Anonymous said...

Quote by Anon@10:02

So whenever you are doing anything in the name of Guruji /AoL ask yourself this important question "Whether Guruji is with you? then decide your course of action"

I dont think there is anything more to say.
Anon, Is that not the whole point? All these blog posts and commenters are asking the same thing. Is guruji with me? And the bitter experience (and answer) is that he is not with them. open your eyes. They are offering up everything incl devotion, effort, money, resources in the belief that he is *with* them only to find out that they are being used and discarded.

-another aol disillusioned anon.

Anonymous said...

Its disheartening to hear to your story. My sympathy goes to you.

SSRS himself has warned the public/devotes many times that not to expect teachers or other AOL members to be like him. Certainly teachers & volunteers are all not enlighted, they are also like us trying to get somewhere, but using AOL as a crutch. But I hope SSRS also warns the teachers and volunteers not to put on any attitude or think they are special and be down-to-earth atleast untill they are actually enlightened.

When hosting teachers/volunteers, one needs to be careful. Many get so much carried away that they start treating techaers/volunteers as god incarnate and fall into trouble. How one treats a guest at home, its sufficient they treat the AOL'ers also same way. There is no need for the women of the house to go into the teachers room and do undue seva, and become a victim.

Quite a few senior teachers and volunteers dont get married as they want to devote themselves to seva, many are young too. At the same time they are not dispassionate/matured enough to have gone beyond their desires. So all the trouble comes...many women and men, who are not grounded get carried away and fall prey to these half baked teachers. And for married teachers/volunteers AOL, and such organizations is a perfect ground to misuse other sex in the name of belongigness and trust. If one observes, many who get involved in AOL are emotionally broken people...with family problems, bad parents, boyfriend/girlfried has ditched, marriage problems, financially drowned, and what not. Surely these people get some solace and stress free, but their emotion gets misused into more than becoming stress free. People make AOL as a crutch and get into bigger mess.

I remember one philosopher told: look after your family very well and care for your neighbours on either side..that much seva is sufficient to transform the whole world. One does not need to leave thier family and children devastated and reach to help the far world. What is the use if you orpahan your own children in order to do charity to the orphanages around the world, its foolishness??

Coming to Rishi Nityaprgya (Nitin), I wish I had captured on my cell him behaving with females in public sometimes, when only volunteers are around, and certainly when SSRS is not there. Lust just flows out from him, which he projects as pure intense love :-). Well he does not need to physically touch and squeze females, not just a hug to express his divine love. I've seem females innocently (sometimes hesitantly) give themselves to such divine love. Unfortunately so many hald-baked ones misuse in the name of spirituality.

AOL has a different way of doing. Traditionally when one has to become a swami or rishi, first one needs to take sanyas (i.e vow of being dispassonate and centered). In sanyas one needs to do sadhana and read scriptures with limited exposure to wordly things, selflessly whithout seeking recognition from the world for 10-14 years. Upon which, the Master carefully observes the disciples spiritual progress, and character, and if found capable ordains him as a swami or rishi. But in AOL it seems like in a short stint, if one has the charisma, is first ordained as swami or rishi and then training starts to develop the traits of a swami or fake it till you make it :-) Becoming aware of this, one needs to be careful of the AOL rishi's and swami's. They are good normal people devoid of fulfilling their desires. So treat them as good people with usual caution as you would treat/threat in the world, but dont get carried away by the fake charm. Dont expect all teachers/volunteers are dispassionate, centered or enlightened like SSRS. Be grounded and take whatever good you wanted from the organization, but dont get carried away!

Anonymous said...

"one philosopher told: look after your family very well and care for your neighbours on either side..that much seva is sufficient to transform the whole world."

I wholeheartedly agree with this philosopher bless him

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:11

How about listening and using your common sense instead of lecturing us.

"Surely these people get some solace and stress free, but their emotion gets misused into more than becoming stress free."

So the problem is with the victim!. Don't u think AOL should be held accountable for "misusing" people ? And what makes you think RS is a holy cow, and does not manipulate and misuse people himself.

There is no excuse whatsoever to justify this systematic exploitation of people - that too in the name of spirituality. RS is not as innocent as you think...he is just a good politician - so it is always other people around him who take the fall.

Wake up!

Anonymous said...

"So the problem is with the victim!. Don't u think AOL should be held accountable for "misusing" people?"

Problem never "is". It is what we make or call from an event or a situation. But if we think there is a problem..yes, yes...anybody misusing, even if AOL, should be held accountable. I dont mean it is always only the vicitm to be held accountable. But you see, in that sense all of us are accountable for something or other misuse. Some misuse people, some environment, some natural resources..there is misuse everywhere. So what I meant was that the easier way is to keep oneself responsible, sensible and awake, and not become gullible.

You might have heard a saying: One can force & pull a horse to the stream, but cannot force it to drink.

Well my opinion about RS is my personal perception, from what I've seen. People have different perceptions about him...but its individuals experience. No point fighting between us as to who is right or wrong. As Klim and others have mentioned earlier, that these perceptions can neither be proved or disproved. I feel one has to be with ones own perception, and only with time these perceptions may change one way or other. Peace :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon February 20, 2010 9:13 AM

All I am saying is general and nothing personal to anyone please

You blame SSRS that is your wish but you have to provide evidence to call him names like this. He is teaching spiritual practices to people. Do you think it is easy to run a worldwide NGO without being smart and political?

As you can see the bloggers are coming out with stories of the Guru's close aides being infidels, psychotic, liars, pretenders etc. who can he rely on to run this organization in a most truthful and democratic way?

Wake up we are living in mortal world not heaven of Gods!

It appears to me that its a case like damn if you do (teaching people spirituality)damn if you dont. What does SSRS have to lose? he is a sanyasi a monk! He is continuing to guide the world towards the ancient forgotten spiritual path.

Everybody is trying to see his own agenda in AoL. MY IDEAS, MY CREDIT, MY FEELINGS, MY SPIRITUAL GROWTH, MY DOERSHIP, ME ME ME is creating chaos That is what it looks like to me

Nobody forces anyone to join AoL or stop them from leaving.

Its always easy to criticize and point fingures but terribly difficult to actually accomplish something constructive. Just do something constructive yourself and lead the world by example. Then you will appreciate what I am saying.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody forces anyone to join AoL"

If this statement is ture, AOL would have cease to exit. They dont just foce, but suffocate to do courses repeatedly and bring more people, no matter how much you say no.

Peaceful Warrior said...

@Anon 10:30

You are bending over backwards to justify things that cannot be. Just because someone is doing public service, does not mean they should not be held accountable. We hold politicians in power accountable don't we. So are police officers who put their lives on for people. That does not exclude them from accountability. Why should RS be excluded from that, just because he does "seva"

This is not empty criticism - people's lives have been destroyed. And it's not becasue of the victim's fault or karma - that is just bullshit AOL tells people to justify their irresponsible behavior.

You know if you did'nt have a of doubt - you would not be here. You have just been programmed by AOL to blame yourself for doubting - you just repress it.

You can choose to ignore the truth and live in denial - choice is yours. You want to believe the fairy tale that RS can make no mistake, he is the god his followers claim to be. Reality is quite different.

"Nobody forces anyone to join AoL or stop them from leaving."

The manipulation is very subtle. It is so in every cult. They misuse spiritual knowledge and power, to serve their own agenda. The student does not understand what's going on till much later...just like a child does not understand an adult.

Go thru some of this material and open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:30

Don't be such an emo. Running a spiritual organization is no different from running any other organization.
It's a tough job - but ceo manage large organizations all the time. RS likes to make a big deal out of the work he is doing - while actually he is at best a mediocre leader/ceo.

U don't worship ur company's ceo just bcos he is supporting so many people's livelihood - right ?

Peaceful Warrior said...

@Anon 8:30

"Problem never "is". It is what we make or call from an event or a situation. "

So if you are raped, or if somebody seduces your wife then you will not seek justice right ? You will tell yourself your mind is creating a problem - that's how you will proceed isn't it ?

Knowledge is to be used as a means of going deep into yourself - not to justify wrongdoings. Use it as an umbrella, not as a shield.

Anonymous said...

one point agenda is to recruit more and more. rest everything is offshoot of this. and see how cleverly they say AOL never forces anyone....

Anonymous said...

If you are a happily living family and want to destroy it, let AOL enter your home. the results are assured.

Anonymous said...

AOL teachers are remarkable- deadly combination of hypocrite,disordered, disillusioned, impractical, illogical, may be sexually pervert having a great responsibility to poison and derail the society.

Anonymous said...

mind control aspect of AOL is never projected in media or society. if this is done many unsuspecting people will hesitate/think before becoming prey to it.

Anonymous said...

AOL especially targets bright looking young/middle aged ambitious females.if the husband is docile this is an additional qualification.AOL provides platform for their extra unused energy as well as environment to 'forget' poor docile husband.they are most vulnerable for sexual and emotional exploitation willingly or unwillingly.

Anonymous said...

there is no reason to disbelieve the contents of this blog. kindly find/evolve ways to dissipate the information to general public to save them from this cult which still enjoys clean reputation. this will be a great service to mankind and perfect healing treatment

jivani said...

Aol 9:33 AM
"one point agenda is to recruit more and more. rest everything is offshoot of this. and see how cleverly they say AOL never forces anyone...."

When I dropped out of AoL, I was honest with them and told them briefly that I thought there was something not quite right about AoL and RS. It's been two months and I've already gotten 2 more invitations to join. This last one was a friendly one something like 'come have some fun with us. hope to see you tonight. we've noticed you haven't been around'. In response, I told them I was busy.

If they invite me again, I've composed a letter which outlines more clearly what I see as some of the problems. But the letter does not attack them or their Guru.

I don't think it's necessary to keep inviting people. People are perfectly capable of taking care of their own spirituality. The only reason to continue to invite someone to a spiritual movement is to "save" them or make money.

Anonymous said...

I have known and following the organization for close to 7 years. AOL has a small% cross section of the people, so here and their there will be few troubled folks. To my knowledge major% is normal middle class people who wants to do well in their life and take this couse to aid with the modern day stresses. This is not a OSHO kind of organization with rich guys, here ?I have met lot of people genuine, service oriented and common people;

In Hindu order of sanyasis typically the people are given brahmachary diksha by their gurur and it lasts for 5 to 10 years before both the individual and guru feels being ready for becoming a swamiji; Thats my understanding as well that of AOL swamis and still to meet a swami who is not genuine.

Married folks has been made Rishi;

The author here who has encountered the issue with family is he genuine(Or is this a story of hatred put here with some other! motives) and can come out in real to atleast state the information so things can be validated. Especially if the things really happened even to the level of divorce and in the past why can't the information be shared. I have seen anti saibaba videos who can even chalenge the top guru in business, if thats the case Rishi should hardly be an issue if the story is real!

There are things I also dont like in AOL - Heavy pressure tactics to get people in to course after course. But then if you look from AOL side this is the source of revenue to support the other activities; When I see my US friend spending as much as $12 for 1 Beer bottle in a bar, why not the money of that sort can be channelled to good causes; On the similar line most of the middle class friends including me we understand the marketing side of it and use our god given thinking mind to decide when to go the course and which courses to go;

Since scope if AOL let me not quote other religious or spiritual organizations run by hindus, christians or muslims and dont be surprised the patterns blamed at AOL is not different from those as well because normal people in the world are the people in these organizations who wants to help themselves and help others;

I like this blog providing an avenue for people to come out and discuss AOL in this fashion, but please... for the sake of genuinity only share real things and facts and not cooked stories;

Let me call myself a TRUMAN until I see some real verifiable facts and exposures of AOL to reveal my identity;

Anonymous said...

If one feels pressured by AoL to take up corses or do seva is because somewhere one believes its necessary. As Mr. Jivani said here he is capable of resisting AoL peobably because he is comfortable wit his own spirituality. Lets face this we have lost touch with our own spiritual side so we feel vulnerable to spiritual organizations!

KLIM & CO. said...
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Anonymous said...

While the debates are going on about AOL, today also there is an article on SSRS in TOI. It is an article about SSRS and it is totally opposite to the incidents and stores of this blog.

If SSRS / AOL are really bad, how they are able to prosper and how people are reposing faith in it? I am sure if SSRS is bad, by now it would have come to light......

These questions keep crossing my mind whenever I see some post in this blog... Perhaps time has to answer my questions...

KLIM & CO. said...

Dear Anon, ask yourself the same question about the world, look at history itself. Mostly "bad" has ruled and prevailed through manipulation, deceit, fraud. An article, a prize, a statement by the AoL does not impress me anymore. It is all people handled by pulling strings, making up facts and numbers. It is about being big not about being good. And being big in the name of spirituality does not mean necessarily mean one is good. This is the disappointment and demand of many, who once like you, were also innocent, idealistic seekers.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your reply. Can we get some proof (some video) etc. on any such misdeeds? That would bring in more agression. In fact, I was going thro' another site on Nithyananda, where a video is put up where shoes and brooms are thrown on the 'God Man'...

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the next revelation. Can't wait for too long. Please come up with the next 'experiential reality'. I recollect from one of the SSRS CD's where he says that as an 'Experiential Reality', why is that we don't know we are God?

I was so much addicted to his voice in such CD's. They were so soothing, so serene and so relaxed. Even now If I hear such CD's I might feel that they are really good.

Oh God, I am confused... ( because of being cheated, perhaps)...

Vishal said...

Looks like the TOI is bearing witness of Ravi Ravi's spirituality.
It was TOI's owner Indu Jain who promoted gurus like Ravi Ravi, Kracki Baghwan, Jaggi Vasudev, sukhabodananda etc and brought them into public prominence. They would never let them down as they also have their business venture Times Music which markets the bhajan CDs of these gurus including Ravi Ravi and his sister.

Vishal said...

Dear Anon

"When I see my US friend spending as much as $12 for 1 Beer bottle in a bar, why not the money of that sort can be channelled to good causes;"

You mean good causes like AOl land encroachment in bangalore, Bhanu didi's purse, ajay beta's cars, Ravi Ravi's business class and 8 star hotel travel and stays and also seed capital for sumeru real estate. Wonderful causes indeed.

Anonymous said...

" also there is an article on SSRS in TOI."

Times of India (TOI) chairman, Indu Jain, is an ardent devotee of SSRS. So AOL gets quite a good, positive media coverage through TOI. Now-a-days most of the media is biased towards one or other, and objectivity and fairness is at question. Knowing this we need to interpret what media presents to us.

Peaceful Warrior said...

@Anon 8:23

It is a media created phenomenon. AOL is great at PR. If you have done any seva as part of AOL, you will know how numbers are made up and how these awards and articles are published.

AOL indeed does some good service work - but it is lot less than what you might imagine. A lot of money is raised by AOL in the name of this token work - nobody knows where it ends up.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:23

Even Bernie Madoff, and Charles Ponzi made lot of money and prospered. AOL is very much like that - they realize that perception is reality, and are very good at image management.

However, there is no accountability. All that money is flowing into the bank accounts of RS and family.

Peaceful Warrior said...

@Anon 8:57

Don't be stupid. If there had been a video - it would already be out on indiatv.

How about asking AOL for proof of how the money is spent. It is a black hole - no transparency and accountability in accounts. There is no public audit of such a large and prosperous organization.

Anyone who has been part of AOL will tell you there is something fishy going on. A lot of money is made, but seems to disappear into thin air.

Of course there is the other end - His nephew and family's extravagant lifestyle. That is just the tip of the iceberg - who knows how much money they have stashed in private bank accounts!

Art of Leaving said...

“Oh God, I am confused... ( because of being cheated, perhaps)...”

Anonymous, it’s quite natural to be confused. It’s a bit like finding out a dear loved one has been involved in criminal activities for years or has been cheating on you for years. Suddenly you realise they are not what you always believed them to be. Whatever honesty and love you thought you experienced in relation to them, are suddenly shown up as false. It’s quite hard to come to terms with that.

Especially with a Master, we really invest so much of ourselves, we project our highest ideals and emotions onto them. When the Master is exposed as false or fallen, it will take time to digest. It’s as if a part of one dies. One will have to find other ways to build within oneself all those soothing, serene and relaxed feelings that you once associated with the Master. It’s not easy, and you can know for sure there will be many other ex-Sri Sri Addicts struggling to recover and make sense of stuff right now. Just know that although his voice may have helped to trigger those feelings in you, the feelings were really yours, not his.

And if you were really listening closely to those CDs, you would also have picked up other aspects of his personality – sometimes he is dismissive, insensitive, mocking or derogatory when responding to people, sometimes there is a sting to his statements or an aloof cynicism. The expression of it may be brief, but it is very much there. He is not all pure serenity in those talks.

Some people have the ability to project a lot of charisma, charm and sweetness, but that is not the same as love. From the start I felt there was something missing in him. I was searching for a certain depth of love and warmth and it was not there. But he was capable of expressing a lot of sweetness and I fell for that, mistaking it for love. Some sweet people can be very vicious, though.

I showed my mother one short video of Ravi and within the first few seconds she said that she can see he could probably be very sweet, but that he’s aloof. She saw through him immediately. It took me longer because I had a weak spot for his kind of charisma. We all have our weak spots. No one can claim complete immunity. Some people may not fall for Ravi, but they may fall for a Gurumaa or an Eckhart Tolle or a Ramdev or an Amma or whoever. It’s a question of getting to know one’s own weak spots and finding a way to strengthen oneself, and that takes time and it’s all but easy.

Shiva Bhakta said...

Thanks for calling out the dead cat buried under the carpet.
You are doing the world a great service.

I remember the first class I took - I cringed to see the ugly display put on by the instructor
I thought, perhaps it is me who is not right - and am not seeing the way things are supposed to be seen.
But, once the sentiments resonated with many of the students, I knew I was right on.
AOL is Amway like piece of organization...and we need to call it out as that
and guide our misguided friends to the proper path.

Keep on doing the good work.
Has AOL threatened you with litigation for creating that blog?
It is a matter of time before the world knows the truth about this god forsaken organization

Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys go to Media with proof? Instead of posting stories in blog.

The Dude said...


Media has other things to report - Surprising as it may seem, AOL is a tiny part of the world, and there is much more that is wrong with the rest of the world.

Media has no appetite for complexity - they only go for simplistic storylines. I don't think any newspaper will print this stuff....the treachery is not something a beginner can see - only a person with an advanced intellect, and experience on the spiritual path can see through the deception. You seem to think this is very obvious, but they way they manipulate is very subtle.

Many of those posting on this blog are just reactionary people who don't like AOL. That's fine - but this is not what this blog is about. It took Klim and many others years to realize this - it only seems obvious to you after having read this - but truth is more complex than it seems.

Anonymous said...

It is well known that HHSSRS never took sannyasi vows

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry that i can't share anything more than my sympathy with you. But if you can consider this as a friend's advice, it might be of help. Human beings commit mistakes and i think you should forgive your wife and try to rebuild your family. If she is brave enough to admit the truth and come back in your family, it will not only help her personally(as she will face the truth of her life) but will restore back your happiness. But never forgive anyone else for their sins. The End of AOL seems imminent now.

Anonymous said...

Though I empathise with your plight, but to call Ramdev and Avdhoot Baba as 'humble' and having 'knowledge of Vedic scriptures' is a bit too much.
I think you are in too much rush to find a Guru. Kindly wisen up after this experience of yours and take it easy. Be your own Guru and use your brains when choosing a Guru. Both Ramdev and Avdhoot Baba have Big egoes and Bigger ambitions. Ramdev has political ambitions and is known to be ruthless to anybody who comes in his way. He even bought the Astha channel in order to block media exposure of other Gurus. Kindly look before you leap or else you will be a bigger sucker than you are now.

Anonymous said...

This is something I had read. I was reading up about Vipassana and i remember this reasoning : -

We have to accept that our mind has a habit of attaching to different thoughts and sense objects. a sexual urge is not very different from any other urges. neither is it more powerful. Time and again we have seen that spiritual leaders have fallen afoul of this dangerous emotion. its not their "fault". Its a very natural thing - a part of life. However, the problem lies in accepting it as it is. Most ppl try to deny it, push it out of their minds through sheer will. it sometimes works but its not a solution in itself. sooner or later, it comes back, stronger and more insistent than before, and its just a matter of time before it breaks through the will-barrier and controls the minds. the problem is not with will, its with denial of the fact that its a very natural emotion. we must accept our failings, accept our emotions as they are and not get carried away by them. only then will they become like paper-tigers, readily blown away by the impartial gaze of the sadhak.

-- Anand

fair_and_balanced said...

When I was last involved with AOL, there were plenty of attractive women who joined. Not surprisingly some subset would have formed connections with charismatic teachers who (surprise) were normal young males and not celibate saints.

SSR seems rather clueless about these things and its not surprising given the laissez-faire method of running the organization. Maybe its just too convenient.. Ultimately transparency in matters financial can help.. But in a place like India where there are far bigger crooks, this is (so far) a non-story.

To the person who got cheated by his wife: Yes, sure, there are plenty of unhappy married women who join AOL. Too bad she was married to you and all this happened. But taking revenge on AOL seems like tilting at windmills, sort of misplaced and Baba Ramdev et al are hardly paragons of virtue.

salu said...

Behind the fraudulent smile conceals the treachery and many immatured by age and aged by immaturity follow and build the wall of ignorance.... and are glorified themselves with some ' pranayama tricks....' i belong to you and u to me'....poor battallion believe they are very different... bestowed with positive energy etc.. etc.....poor boobs are groping in the darkness......
thanks for the realizers ...
my laments with those who remain with this pseudo art...
brain is given to use .. hope we remain the best users... thanks for this blogger, the ex AOL, for showering light on the darkest and obscure sphere of AOL and the master SR...
i recall a proverb: 'some are wise and some are otherwise' ... And we do come up with the second lot most often....

Anonymous said...

aol has ruined many lifes and families.the guru has to accept responsibility but he has not.that encourage the teachers and swamis under his umbrella to deceive and cause distress to others.this organisation must be exposed for what it really is doing not be afraid of the threats of its goons.instead use your best efforts to save the devotees who have been blinded and deceived.keep this blog and its objectivity going.truth and justice has and will always prevail.false gurus ,false prophets false teachers and scams and cons will always lead good people astray, but there will always be the good sheperds who will lead people back to the fold.I have my own fight with aol which has ruined my life and captured my close ones but whilst he may have them in his clutches i am confident that god is on my side and they will be released especially with the sense i get the tide is indeed turning.keep the faith and fight on. -justice for all.