Saturday, November 28, 2009

I belong to you

Aol claims to be a ONE WORLD FAMILY (vasudeva kusumbakham). But, the Guru who talks about BELONGINGNESS, which courses start by making everyone greet each other with "I belong to you", actually promoted only belongingness within the group, instead of belongingness with the whole, and even less, with those who have the courage to leave. Isn’t the "us/ they" concept contrary to the meaning of "enlightenment"? Spiritual evolution? Going from somebody to nobody and from nobody to everybody? Do true enlightened beings, do truly spiritual people, do genuinely evolved people still separate themselves from "them"? - I meditate, they don't. I am vegetarian, they eat meat, consume alcohol. Can the evolution or goodness of a person be judged based on food consumption, religious practices, what they read or watch? Or instead, simply on actions that promote all-inclusiveness, of all-acceptance regardless of? No “us/ they”?

I left a movement but in reality, I left a community. I lost 98% of my world. Needless to mention the 2% left are non-AoL people. My so-called “spiritual brothers and sisters” never even sent a Xmas or Birthday greeting. The few who realized I would have problems inserting myself in the job market were afraid of helping in fear of retaliation - SSRS would find out and they’d be punished. It is amazing the concept his own devotees have of him. Not that of a master of love and compassion, but rather of fear and revenge.

The one who leaves is worse enemy than the one who has yet not been converted. “I will help you as long as you belong to me.”

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