Saturday, November 28, 2009

The "drop-outs"

The few who have left question the many contradictions. I wonder though, how come those few who left many years ago have not raised the same issues? Or did they but were kept away from us? But then, most of those who left were with TM prior to AoL. The new batch of “deserters”, like myself, are brand new collected souls, who mostly were in the late teens or 20s when joining the group. I wonder if that is where the difference lies. Ex-TMers left one cult to join another cult. They still sought for salvation in a greater image. Even today, they quote Maharishi, they still think they need to meditate if they want to look brighter than the average person, some still carry a back-pack full of concepts that has not given them any freedom to be in the world nor feel part of it, they still justify SSRS’s actions with arguments that include words such as, “karma, greater good”. Ultimately, they do not agree with many things, they know, but, they still believe, whether as defense mechanism, or genuine opinion. I do not doubt there is some degree of truth in their many habits and concepts, however, I do question their lack of ability to be part of the world, of valuing themselves, despite all the practices and knowledge received. They are still in the “us/ they” structure.

Once in a while they still tell you: “It was for your growth.” In fact, I was told everything was for my growth. Lying about me, exploiting me, abusing me, was for my growth, and He did nothing wrong because I accepted it. I was told the fact I did not accept the abuses anymore was an indication of my weak faith (Please read this last phrase with the background music of the Twilight Zone).

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