Thursday, January 21, 2010

I forgot to bless the Twin Towers

In 2006 I heard SSRS tell that some time prior to the 9/11 attacks a woman asked him to bless all of New York city. According to him, she actually took him on a helicopter ride to bless the city. Amused, he added, “I just forgot to bless the Twin Towers. I literally forgot!”

I tried hard to get my head around that one. Didn’t the attack of the Twin Towers affect and traumatise all of NYC? (the entire world, in fact?). He actually meant to say his oversight of one spot effectively cancelled out the entire blessing! How was then the rest of the blessing of any use at all? Perhaps the blessing even messed up the energy balance and turned into a curse? In one way or the other, he insinuated world peace is in his hands!

I wonder now if he would have spoken in such a light-hearted manner if the city in question was 26/11 Mumbai.

He once told us that everyone can bless. Once we have done a Part II course, one could do the Blessings Course and be able to bless others. The course claims one will “become a perfect instrument for the Master's Grace to flow.” Um.. with the Master making such gigantic blunders in blessings, why would one want to become a perfect instrument at all?


Vishwa said...

Some three years ago in a satsang in Bangalore ashram one of Ravishankars chelas asked him about the floods in orissa and Bihar. Thousands of people were devastated and rendered homeless.
Ravishankar replied 'Jao aur bholo usko Guruji uske sath hain'. Meaning 'Go tell them that Guruji(the the great great sri sri) is with them'
All I could think was how insensitive. There is this national calamity and thousands need food,shelter and clothing. And this megalomaniac wants to convey that he is with them. As if it matters. What matters is how much you can help in the ground. He has this saviour fantasy where he goes and saves the people through his teachings.
The amount of planning and coordination required for such relief work is enormous and AOL has no clue and neither do they bother to do the dirty work. They just want some news bites out of this.

Maharishi Hashish Yogi said...

AOL makes a big deal about their post Sep 11 free courses in New York. With the kind of wild claims Ravi Ravi has overtaken his guru Mugurshi.

Anonymous said...

The American Yul Brynner crisply telling " I am not in this blessing business " ( Magnificent Seven) impresses me.

Not these charlatans.

Just could not resist emphasising American again:)) Tired of facing flak as a westernstooge. I will do it again & again hindutvavadees.

That 'swamiji' (who my child had warned me against ) after hearing my painful story casually rebuked:-

" Who asked to be a good girl? In this kaliyuga , everyone is bad. Now onwards become a bad girl".

None of the devotees sitting there singing bhajans disapproved of this ludicrous counsel.Not even behind his back.

Which is why I shun indians in general. Good for nothing.

Anonymous said...

" In one way or the other, he insinuated world peace is in his hands!"


Which is precisely why everyone should read at least the Dialogue between Nachiketas & Yama DharmaRaja in Kathopanishad.

Such a brilliant description of this world I have never come across!

Sri Tapovan Swami( Guru of Chinmayananda etc etc) stood spellbound before Ramana Bhagavan for sometime. On finding his voice gently whispered:-

" Don't you think your Name , your Presence should be propagated to this whole world to ensure lasting Peace ?".

Bhagavan replied softly:-

" Apprehend that person who rises up with this desire to correct/reform this world.

You will discover this world is always in Peace."

Anonymous said...

Also very important the Conversation between Sri Jnaneshwar & His Father who took to an ascetic life retiring into seclusion.

jivani said...

Klim & Co-Thanks for a good laugh. I do not mean to laugh at the atrocities of 9/11 but SSRS saying he forgot to bless the twin towers is just so humorous.

I lived in NYC then and it certainly did traumatize the entire city and world.

I think a blessing is the same as a loving thought. Our thoughts are important but the idea that world peace is in one person's hands is simply absurd.

Anonymous said...

The Blessings course is another hogwash,if what Sri Sri says
claims is true that healing happens when blessed
by his instruments then doctors are redundant•Why spend thosands
of dollars and years learning medicine when in just three
days one is bestowed with healing powers• It doesn't matter
that the blesser himself \herself is suffering
from incurable diseases• The Swami who teaches the
Blessings course himself suffers from all kinds of health
issues and is on heavy medication•

Just like how the TTC has become express,the Blessings
course is also express,from six days it is now three days and requirements
also minimised,anyone can Bless.

Anonymous said...

God alone knows....sigh !

This jivani could very well be vinita who posted earlier.

Ferretting out pertinent facts about dubious orgs by punctiliously reading my posts, benefitting immensely thereby. Yet thumb the nose with irrelevant , impertinent india salvaging insipid platitudes.

Who wants heartless thankyous from you ingrates ??

Even to say a thank you jivanis must have learnt from America/West.

Narendra said...

Pay Fees for TTC course, which is much higher than your food and accomodation cost. Pay donation during TTC course, buy books which are costly compared to other organisation's own publication, get the treatement from Ayruvedic consultant at healty fees.
and after that become earning machine for AOL.
What a great businessman Ravishankar is.
In India, Ambani and Tata are given as examples of great businessmen. I think Ravishankar should be added to the list.
Forget spirituality, Its ALL ABOUT MONEY, HONEY.

Lakshmi said...

"Which is why I shun indians in general. Good for nothing"

KLIM you are doing a great job in organizing this blog and healing yourself at the same time. But comments like the above, which have started in the recent days indicate many more former AoLites need serious therapy. What I would say to Anonymous above is the you still do not know yourself, that was why you got trapped into AoL, and that is the reason for your current recoil into even more ignorance. Do not make this blog India vs America/West bashfest. Hindutvavadis have a long way to go in matching the crimes of the west. Just take a look at our beloved America's doings all over the world in pursuit of even more materialistic wealth. Look at the thieving merciless corporations which your culture has generated. If AoL has abused you, do something constructive like KLIM is doing, there are a billion+ indians with much wider standard deviation in their tastes, manners, knowledge and ethics, than your comprehension ability. (which must not be great, for you got taken by Ravi Shankar :-) )

Anonymous said...

" What I would say to Anonymous above is the you still do not know yourself, that was why you got trapped into AoL"

Wallow in your non existent presumptuous omniscience. Never sought any advice from anyone here ever since I started writing here.

betty said...

Lakshmi, sweetheart, the man speaking these words is obviously an Indian. There are no harsher critics of "the Whites", as we have read ourselves called on this blog, than the kind of people who read this and similar blogs. We have no more to do with what the West has done than the untouchibles of India have to do with destruction of the Babri Masjid.

She She and others like him are the symbols of your culture's dark side, as George Bush and Dick Cheny have recently been of ours. How silly it sounds now when Americans sound off about our great democratic system. How silly it sounds now when you take up for
Hindutvavadis. Who cares either way? Many of us as young people were deceived into believing a lot of nonsense about the greatness of the Vedic knowledge. Starting with Autobiography of a Yogi, lots of lies have been told to build up so called "spiritual organizations". The blame is being directed by a few at India itself or the notion of Hinduism, just as you have directed the blame for what corporations have done on ordinary US citizens.

Jivani said...

Anonymous 1:03 AM:
I honestly don't understand your post. Why did you say I'm a heartless ingrate? I simply said thanks for a good laugh because something struck me as humorous about how KLIM wrote that post. So what?

I didn't learn anything from "The West". I am western but mostly just a human being. I'm not on this blog to argue. I am simply interested in what KLIM has to say and this topic and being constructive (as Lakshmi put it) in getting information out there about organizations like AoL that are out of integrity. Please, back off.

Anonymous said...

Click on the following link SANE & HONEST people out there.

Read my comments & Jivani's + Lakshmi the Supreme DONOR to AOL to doctors sans frontiers.....who ultraaudaciously chirps:-

"your comprehension ability. (which must not be great, for you got taken by Ravi Shankar :-) )"

And there so 'wisely' croons:-

"That was expected from AoL. In the past, I have been fooled into giving to AoL.."

Exactly through which orifice are you liars pounding away comments??

I am convinced SSRS is more honest than this Jivani & Lakshmi & their cheerleaders.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

betty ,

let me clarify. I use the word WHITES often only to differentiate them from NRIs living abroad. whereas Americans include all the citizens.

Nothing to do with skin colour at all. My grandparents & parents were born sans such prejudices unlike many patriotic holy cows of India who are hard core racists in my opinion.

It is my opinion. Not interested in any subsequent verbal rebuttal with holy cows.

DotBusters Inc said...

LOL, Jivani thanks Klim & Co for a laugh, and the Anonymous who "shuns indians in general" as "Good for nothing" takes full credit, and then continues to wipe out Jivani's laugh!
"Ferretting out pertinent facts about dubious orgs by punctiliously reading my posts, benefitting immensely thereby. Yet thumb the nose with irrelevant , impertinent india salvaging insipid platitudes. Who wants heartless thankyous from you ingrates ?? Even to say a thank you jivanis must have learnt from America/West."
The force is especially strong in this one :)

Prairie Princess said... more bashing of Indians and Indian culture. Just because Ravi Ravi is Indian does not mean all Indians are good or bad. I don't want the US judged by Pat Robertson or any other born-again preacher fraud. Ravi Ravi is a scammer scammer but that says nothing else about any other Indian or Indian culture. It is very simple..when you wake up you leave the frauds behind. That is where Ravi Ravi the past. If you chose to remain asleep and be a lemming (or zombie) for AoL,it is your choice regardless of your ethnic origin. Nice that Ravi Ravi says he "forgot" to bless the Twin Towers. Does not speak well of his psychic ability, does it?

Art of Leaving said...

Sometimes the Anonymous who "shuns Indians in general" seems to be making good points, and then at other times I truly wonder if his/her messages weren't generated by some automated computer process...