Monday, April 12, 2010

Ravishankar's hankering for the Nobel Peace Prize (part 1)


In spite of all his lectures to his followers on avoiding feverishness & just observe their desires & let go, Sri Sri was very feverish about getting a Nobel Peace Prize. The guy , so ever hankering for more fame and glory and power & political influence, wanted a NPP badly and was flogging his senior teachers/members of his inner circle, at full speed, to get it for him. They, in return, hoping for more recognition from the master and earning his favour, were flogging everyone else. Without any trace of shame or humility, Sri Sri , casting all cautions to the wind, was demanding his lackeys to get this NPP for him. When confronted with the question as to why a godman claiming he has no desire for fame & glory wants NPP, he would say he doesn’t want it for himself, he wanted it for his organisation to get recognition for all the good work they were doing. And when asked why he wanted recognition for the organisation (was the work being done to get recognition?) , his reply was so that with a NPP under our belt we can do more work!!!! Oh, ya!!!

Next question of course was how come Guruji, this self-claimed God & Master of universe, who had nature under his command & was reincarnation of Krishna, Christ, Shiva & God & Gurudev & Buddha what not and someone who could perform so many miracles & even bring people back from death & make things happen like magic, how come he couldn’t just wave his magic wand & get a NPP easily. And the answer , for those foolish enough to ask, was that he wanted to give his teachers and followers an opportunity to grow and learn & earn good merits!! If he would make everything happen so easily then they wouldn’t have opportunity to grow!! A reply heard many times from Guruji in sticky situations!!

In Sep 2004, all AOL centres received an email saying:
The Nobel Peace Prize (NPP) Project has been launched with Guruji’s designation of an international team to work quickly and quietly on this initiative, initially with the following members:
Peter Payoyo, overall coordinator, Netherlands
Christopher Kiran Byrt, Norway
Christoph Glaser, Switzerland
Werner Luedemann, Germany
Ewald Poeran, Netherlands
Fahri Saatcioglu, Norway

and were duly advised in the same email:
A final note: We urge everyone to be very discreet about this matter. It is the standard policy of the Nobel Committee that nominators and nominees must not publish nor advertise their nominations. Guruji’s nomination will be unnecessarily jeopardized if we allow the NPP Project to be exposed publicly. So let us all just keep the smile, keep the silence, and wish for the best.

ie, even though WE know & even though YOU know the orders for getting a NPP for Sri Sri comes from Guruji himself, we all have to keep this as a secret!!

These top echelons in turn were asking for National coordinators (NC) to assist with this project. But in no time, as Sri Sri’s pressure on them increased, they changed their tone to the NCs from one of asking them for their assistance to one of demanding for reports re how many letter of nomination they have got.

It went from:
The National Coordinator will act as a focal person for our collective efforts and will become part of the global coordination network to assist in Guruji’s NPP nomination.

To the National Coordinators who have not shared any news to the International Coordination Team, you may wish to get in touch ASAP and kindly let me know what is the real score on your grounds.

In the coming days and weeks in the run up to February 1st, I and the other members of the International Coordination Team will be calling you individually by phone so that we may be able to share personal updates about progress made on the project. This is in line with the instructions given by Guruji yesterday to the effect that the International Coordination Team must call each one of the National Coordinators for encouragement and solidarity.

Guruji has the list of NPP National Coordinators and he mentioned that he is counting on you, and each one of our national coordinator-colleagues, to rush this project to the finish (end of this month) and to accomplish our mission with a smile.

In line with this latest directive from Guruji, may I therefore request each one of you to send me a.s.a.p. (at the latest this Friday night) the NAMES OF NOMINATORS whom you have approached in your own countries.

The committee members & Guruji’s secretary Jaina, would send personal emails to those involved saying things like:
Gurudev asked me to get in touch with you personally. HE said approach parliamentarians and professors... and finish the work by end of January

so there was no doubt whatsoever Guruji was personally pushing this project & exerting all pressure he could on his senior teachers & they in return were pressurizing others!

The above NPPP committee members were sending emails left & right, saying things like:
Yesterday in Brussels, I had the opportunity to talk to Guruji about our project. His message and his blessing to all of us is:

Let us work harder and give our very best to come up with many NPP nomination letters before the end of this month.

The pressure is building and is wonderfully upon us to make a miracle happen! May I enjoin everyone, in typical Art of Living fashion, to rush and make haste, and create wonders for Guruji and the NPP project during this auspicious New Year.

This Saturday, January 15th, Guruji will meet with the members of the International Coordination Team in our Ashram in Bad Antogast (yes, he will be in Germany this weekend). His instruction, relayed by phone last Sunday, is for us to come up with the LIST of people who have definitely agreed to write NPP nomination letters.

They were sending draft letters & glamorised biography of Guruji to coordinators & basically harassing them to get nomination letters, throughout quoting Guruji said this & that, making it plain obvious the orders came from Guruji himself & using it as an opportunity to boast about their closeness to Guruji!! And for these lackeys to get closer to the Guru, everyone else had to bust their butts, so they could get the credit!
Guruji met with of the NPP Project Coordination Team last Saturday afternoon in his room in the Ashram at Bad Antogast, Germany. The members of the team that went to see him were Christoph Glasser, Werner Luedemann, Ewald Poeran, and myself. Also in attendance in the meeting were some Art of Living colleagues who had an interest in the project.

Guruji was presented with the list of all confirmed nominators as of Saturday morning, which was a compilation of all the names of individual nominators that you have sent me, or which you have notified to other members of the international team. The list of confirmed nominators is subdivided into three categories: (1) those who have actually already sent nomination letters, (2) those who are already writing their nominations, and (3) those who are very likely to send nomination letters before the Feb 1 deadline. The list also indicates the NPP country/project coordinators responsible for the confirmed nominations..... Guruji went through the list page by page for several minutes. I can certainly report to you that Guruji expressed satisfaction on the fact that we have secured at least 130 confirmed nominations as of Saturday morning. It was mentioned to him there were four heads of government (1 president and 3 Prime Ministers) who have supported his nomination so far. It was also mentioned that many more new nominations will be secured in the coming days.

Guruji sends his love to all. He has also given specific instructions addressed to particular countries and coordinators which I shall communicate individually to those concerned in due course.

Guruji’s general directive remains: the members of the interntional team as well as our roving NPP project contacts will continue to call you via phone or email to facilitate progress and to exchange information up to the last day of our project. So please have patience with us on our follow-up calls, and do kindly keep the international team directly posted on the most recent developments concerning particular nominators in your own jurisdictions.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the assisting in the effort to prepare the report presented to Guruji last Saturday. Gurji was certainly happy with our report, and with our overall performance thus far. May I also thank the NPP coordinators and AoL leaders who were there in the Ashram to give me personal updates concerning the NPP project in their respective countries.A full and final report on our project will be submitted to Guruji in February.

And after sending those involved particular drafts of Nomination letters & asking them to send those, suddenly they sent an email saying:

Due to widespread concern, and on account of numerous feedbacks received by the International Coordination Team, may I reiterate the following reminders:
1. The ‘model nomination letter’ circulated earlier (Word document: “Example and Elements of a Model Nomination Letter”) is for your guidance only. Use this document to get a general idea about the particular nomination letter which you need to draft, when this drafting is called for. The ‘model nomination letter’ should NOT be copied verbatim. Some nomination letters have already been forwarded to the Nobel Committee in Norway using the text of this illustrative nomination letter. The sincerity and political impact behind the massive nomination of Guruji to the 2005 NPP will be seriously impaired if there are any more letters sent to Norway using the monotonous text and style of the ‘model nomination letter’.

Henceforth, new nominations that are in the process of being obtained by NPP coordinators must ensure that the nomination letters are original and worded differently – to reflect the unique personality of the nominator, and describing his/her personal experiences with Guruji as well as the local/national situation concerning Guruji’s work. If you need any drafting assistance, please let me know.

The email below sent by the above NPPP committee exposes the sham so beautifully. It is so revealing:
The continuing CONFIDENTIALITY AND SECRECY of the NPP project – our concerted and collective campaign to solicit nomination letters for Guruji – must be absolutely maintained and protected with utmost diligence. One leakage of any single aspect of the NPP project to the public domain, or public knowledge of any written suggestion that Guruji is somehow involved in this project, will spell immediate disaster.

To preserve the integrity of our mission, I ask everyone involved to take a step back and examine each and every communication that you have sent out (especially faxes and emails) to “others”, even those addressed to other Art of Living colleagues. Please check whether you have mentioned any fact or reference about Project that may be interpreted wrongly and cause prejudice to Guruji. For example, have you communicated to some other person a message to the effect that “Guruji has instructed that he wants you to get a nomination from so and so” or, “Guruji wants to know who are nominating him” or, “Guruji is asking whether you can help us in the NPP” or, “Guruji has asked us to work fast on nominations”? If you have, please let me know a.s.a.p so that we can rectify the situation.

Lapses or mistakes along lines that could prove damaging to Guruji might have been made at the height of your eagerness or excitement to obtain nomination letters for Guruji. It is part of our responsibility to immediately correct these mistakes.

The confidentiality and low-profile approach underlying our NPP Project does not mean that what we are doing is wrong. On the contrary, we are engaged in a quiet, noble mission. The reason why we keep our Project top secret from start to finish is simple: we must not give any reason to the Nobel Committee (or political opportunist therein) to mis-characterize what we are doing as a self-promotion campaign by Guruji. The secular politics behind the selection of the Nobel Peace Prize winner will never be able to comprehend the meaning of our “Jai Guru Dev”.

And from time to time, the use of the words were so revealing too, Freudian slip perhaps,:
For NPP Coordinators and Contacts who have notified me of their 'harvest', please check the numbers reported against your own records.

As the pressure was building higher on NPPP committee members, they started to send contradictory directives. One minute it was:

Only eligible nominators must be approached to write nomination letters. Potential nominators who do not fall clearly and categorically in the list of qualified nominators should NOT be requested nor invited to write a nomination letter for Guruji. Please disregard any rumor or message saying that the Nobel Committee has relaxed its rules concerning eligibility requirements for nominators. Dignitaries or high officials who are not included in the list of nominators, are to be excluded. Stick to the relevant guidelines set in previous NPP Bulletins.

The next minute was:

At this critical juncture, Guruji’s candidacy urgently calls for our support, literally everyone’s support, to ensure victory. How do we give our support? This is what we propose to do: let us send “letters of support for Guruji” in the thousands to the Nobel Committee in Norway. The elements of this new campaign are as follows:
1. The names of the individuals and organizations officially nominated to the NPP 2005 have been published. After the nomination process, any person can now send a letter or communication or declaration to the Nobel Committee to express support for, or make a comment on, any nominee.
2. Given this opening, we are in a position to harness the power of world opinion in favor of Guruji. We will ask anyone and everyone FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE to write a letter of support for Guruji, to endorse his candidacy to the NPP 2005, and/or to thank all those who have nominated Guruji to the NPP 2005.
3. A letter of support from anyone means exactly that – anyone inside or outside the Art of Living community can write a letter. Children, students, soldiers, policemen, prisoners, business people, government officials, households, community leaders and shakers, Muslims, Christians, professionals, migrant workers, fishers, the sick or hospitalized, those in conflict zones, the wealthy, womens’ groups, scientists, artists, politicians, school teachers, VIPs, etc., etc. – in short, anyone who cares for Guruji and his cause for peace and human values can send in a letter of support.
5. I myself have written a letter of support for Guruji, in my capacity as the head of a non-profit foundation extending care to seafarers in the Port of Rotterdam. Each one of us, and all those around us who have been touched by Guruji, can surely send a letter to support Guruji’s bid to the NPP this year.
6. The only CAVEAT is: a person should NOT identify himself or herself as affiliated with the Art of Living Foundation or the IAHV (or any other organization founded by Guruji) when s/he writes a letter of support, because this will be seen as an unethical and indirect self-promotion by Guruji. If an author cannot affiliate himself with a proper role or position (like, “as a Budhist” or “as a 10 year old child” or “as a businessman”, or “as an ordinary worker”, or “as a citizen of Norway”), then he can simply write: “as a human being who is deeply concerned with the peace situation in the world [or, peace situation in my country] , I am very happy to know that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize. Our world will be a more harmonious and peaceful place for all if Sri Sri Ravi Shankar wins this award. So please make him win. Thank you, xxxx”, or something to this effect.

The good news is that Guruji’s candidacy, from all indications, is being taken very seriously indeed by the Nobel Committee. But Guruji is not the only leading NPP contender. There are other NPP candidates that have launched powerful, mass-based campaigns. Let us back up Guruji with the power and a force that the Nobel Committee cannot afford to ignore, namely, the inspiration and peace that Guruji has himself gifted to all who celebrate his grace.

[Did you read number 6 caveat carefully? Even though they were emailing AOL members to write these letters of support, they were telling them to lie & do not reveal their connection to AOL/Guruji. This widespread act of deceit of course was not confined to NPPP, but is a common strategy in all AOL PR. All those articles you see by so called independent journalist praising the Guru & his work are witten by AOL Teachers, his communication team & his PR machine.]

And then in their next email they would say:
It has come to our attention that the email I sent earlier this week, which was addressed to all former national coordinators of the NPP project, has been circulated indiscriminately by one or two of our colleagues, treating that email as if it were a ‘chain letter’. As a result, that email has reached people who could potentially misunderstand the purpose of our undertaking.

To avoid further confusion and misunderstanding about our enterprise, I am therefore sending out this cautionary reminder to everyone concerned:

1. The goal of our campaign is to have many 'letters of support' written and then sent to Norway. The best approach to realize this goal is to have intensive person-to-person meetings or discussions in order to explain our campaign and to get results. If a national coordinator or focal person feels that my email should be shared to other people for information purposes, then please please be extra-cautious in your choice of contacts or addressees to whom you forward that email. Make sure that only responsible and discreet colleagues get it. Like this email, that email was meant as a confidential and very personal communication.

2. This campaign is NOT Guruji’s campaign. Basically, it is a campaign of independent, like-minded individuals all over the world who believe that Guruji should win the NPP 2005. This means that it is NOT an official project of the AofL or the IAHV. To illustrate the point, may I refer you to my own letter of support (attached) which was mentioned in my last email, and which will perhaps clarify the important guideline that letter-writers should NOT be seen as AofL or IAHV officers/representatives when they write their letters of support.

Two other guidelines for your kind and immediate consideration:

4. I mentioned “children” in my last email as subjects included in our campaign. However, the focus should instead be on “young people” (or teenagers) who have achieved a certain level of maturity and discretion. So let us please focus on encouraging young but sufficiently autonomous/mature people to write letters of support for Guruji (and not little children, lest we be accused of manipulating infants for our campaign).

Yes, you read it right (#2 above), suddenly we went from Guruji designated a team to win him NPP & Guruji chairing the meeting &his hands on approach to project and Guruji said this & that to it “is not Guruji’s campaign”!!! That It had nothing to do with Guruji, it was “a campaign of independent, like-minded individuals all over the world who believe that Guruji should win the NPP 2005”.

What fun!!!


Prairie Princess said...

This is totally creepy. Could you please forward these communications to the Nobel Committee? I knew the organization was unwell and this is a part of the proof. Not only is the organization a front for Seva lite and meditation lite but it lacks integrity. Everything out of this "Guru's" ,pumt is a lie and these communications are the proof.

Nick said...

I was an active AOL teacher back then, and although I did not receive all of the above emails -only about half of them- I can confirm that Silent Witness' account of the NPP event is true. It was SSRS' project through and through, and the sense of urgency, the secrecy and the contradicting information was massive. All of us were totally convinced that he would receive the price, and I remember the shock and disbelief in the group when he didn't. How could that not happen, when He himself had predicted it? It shook my faith and others' at the time, and it took a very senior teacher considerable effort to calm us down, with something along the line "The world is not ready for it yet". Even today, when I google my full name, one of the hits is my letter of recommendation for SSRV to receive the NPP, that somehow ended up on Not something that I am proud of.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.
Maybe it should be titled 'lust for Nobel Peace Prize'

Anonymous said...

Actually they won't publish the nominees for 50 years so that means anyone can claim that they were nominated for NPP; Looks like desperate attempt!

ND said...

They are still trying. Nobel mean stamp on HIS being God. Flow of huge donations, people to Organisation. More Money, More Power.
Heard somewhere as First Key of Knowledge:
Desire Reduced Joy. Someone tell this key to the Keyman.

Send this post to Nobel Committee.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what Prairie Princess says above.

" The world is not ready for it yet ". LOL.... sounds so familiar:)

When Puttaparthi Baba came to know he could not visit America due to his dubious credentials , he also said the same thing....that "America is not ready for me yet...".

I say SO BE IT !

But Ravishankar with his clout did manage to wangle some award from Germany recently. There will always be a powerful hindutva brigade promoting such faux godmen as they are perennially tilting at windmills crying " hinduism is in danger...these godmen are preventing "converisons".

Hindus living in Gulf countries "behave". Whereas hindus in vibrant democracies like America keep on ululating a litany of their chimerical woes. Despite gobbling up enormous land & resources to build a lot of Temples.

There is a soldies in Indian Army who lost all his ten fingers in frostbite while being stationed in Kashmir. For TEN YEARS , he has been requesting the government of India to procure a job for his wife but till adte no one has helped him. Hence has been unable to educate his children.

Why can't these omniscient , omnipotent godmen & godwomen part with their ill gotten wealth for such DESERVING people in wretched conditions ?

NO , these ARMY PERSONNEL ARE NOT ASKING TO BE TAUGHT hyperventilation called any kriyas. Or tantra sex as panacea.

Vishal said...

The lust for Nobel Peace Prize was busted in Indian media by the famous indian historian Ramachandra Guha in outlook magazine -

Blogs like Churumuri and Guruphiliac made mincemeat out of Ravi Ravi's wetdreams on winning Nobel Prize. Deception was written all over and their so called social service projects were completely exposed to what they were - just plan publicity scams.

Ever since AOL teachers never mention about Nobel Peace Prize.

Unknown said...

@Whistleblower: Beautiful and hilarious post, and appears to be very genuine even though dates and email ids are rightly not disclosed. Eagerly awaiting for the next part..

@KLIM & Co: Lately, I have seen that many teachers from within AOL have started contributing to your blog, the latest being this one.
If the facts mentioned (like the mail excerpts here) are correct and others within and outside AOL are able to relate to and identify these facts, then the credibility of your blogs should rightfully increase.
Congratulations to you for the efforts you have put here.

Jivani said...

When I was asked to do the course and they were telling us how wonderful RS and AoL are, they said "he has done so much for the world that he was actually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize". It was part of their sales technique.

Now this.
Guruji says run a (deceitful) campaign..."with a smile". Because if you're not smiling about running a (deceitful) campaign then don't do it at all. Looks like a lot of teachers weren't smiling. Good job Whistleblower for saving all these and putting them together. That's something to smile about.

Jyothi said...

Excellent post by Whistle blower. As a former volunteer of art of living and having served this corrupt organization for 1.5 years I can vouch for every word written by whistle blower.
One clear message was conveyed to all volunteers regarding responding to criticism of AOL and Guruji in internet blogs and youtube. We were to respond to these as third parties and talk good about AOL. Never say you are part of AOL but give an impression that you are supporting it even though you are not into it.
So whenever you find responses which starts with 'I am not a disciple of RS but' or 'I do not know much about AOL but' you know who is behind the scene.

Chris Williams said...

can't wait for part two!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job by whistle blower.
Thanks also to the blog owners.
eagerly waiting for part 2

Dr Quentin Jones said...

Everything that has been written by Whistleblower is absolutely true. I received all these mails when I was an active volunteer with AOL, unfortunately I did not save these mails.

Good job whistleblower, keep it coming and waiting eagerly for Part 2

a humble witness said...

Thank you for putting this together whistleblower. I am sure that this lobbying effort was not restricted to 2004-2005. I remember getting a call from a US AoL board member a few years ago. She asked me if I could solicit a nomination from one of my affiliations from my former university. This was around 2007. I, too remember many times using rs's "nomination for the nobel peace prize" as a marketing tool. At that time, I very much wanted him to get the prize, so that my job of organizing and recruiting for his courses would become much easier. I was so brainwashed, I would never even consider not doing that "seva". I think shedding some light on the secret agenda of the org. will help to snap people out of their trance.

I am very much looking forward to part 2...

Anonymous said...

@WhistleBlower: can you also publish the full contents of those emails ?

WhistleBlower said...

Yes, of course.But what is the point of publishing all of them here? The posts are already too long as it is, just with excerpts from them. All these emails are in AOL circles & so many people have them. Why did you ask?
Also would be nice if all Anonymous people use an alias when writing a comment.

WhistleBlower said...

PS. @Anonymous 10:16 pm, Why did you ask?

Harry Potter said...

As per WhistleBlower's suggestion, I have assumed the alias 'Harry Potter'.

I ask for the actual emails (atleast the key ones) to be published on the blog for multiple reasons:

1. It brings credibility & shows authenticity. It is verifiable if it has date/sender etc..

2. Viewers get the full content and
may probably relate to other statements that were omitted out.

3. Personally, I want to see the context in which those statements were written.

4. There are many many volunteers (like me) who have been actively involved but had no idea that this was going on in the top echelons.

5. At the same time, if those emails exposes the identities of blog authors like yourself, please don't publish the full content. But sender and date details would be a nice have if possible.

WhistleBlower said...

Dear Harry Potter,

You made me laugh by saying that you “want to see the context in which those statements were written.”
Even to the dumbest of the dumb the context are far too clear, ie SriSri wanting NPP badly. Even for the most slow, by the time they finish reading part4 there is no doubt who was running this project & in which manner.

You say: “There are many many volunteers (like me) who have been actively involved but had no idea that this was going on in the top echelons.”
What kind of active volunteer you were that you didn’t get to see these emails?!!
Which country are you in? I have an easy suggestion for you, just ask NPP coordinator in charge of you & other active volunteers to pass you all his/her copies of the very same emails.
These exact emails went to all AOL centres all over the world & were shared by NPP coordinators with the other teachers & active volunteers. So am very surprised you didn’t see them or claim you haven’t seen them in spite of being an active volunteer. Of course they showed them to all active volunteers to prove orders come from top & not as a result of too much hallucinations after Kriya!!

But no worries, as an active volunteer (i assume you still are?!) ask your superior to show you these emails. You have every right to!!
And no my dear, it wasn’t because your coordinator suddenly woke up from a dream & started talking about NPP for SriSri on his own accord (together with the coordinators from other countries, all at the same time!!). The order came from SriSri himself & the designated team by SriSri sent these emails to all AOL centres, emphasising again & again that the order for NPP comes from SriSri himself hence EXPECTING all active volunteers to give their all to this project.

You are either still in denial (have you read all posts on this blog & other exposes re SriSri on the internet?!) or stil too actively involved ?!!
In any case, don’t you worry about other reader’s ability to make up their own minds re these postings. And as you are an active volunteer, and with so much loyalty, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get these emails from your own AOL centre or ask SriSri, his secretary or any of the top echelon people identified!

I nearly said Jai Guru Dev!!!!!! ; - )
PS. As an active volunteer what did you do for NPP project?!!

Tahir-ul-Qadri said...

@ Harry Potter

Please refrain from asking such actual proofs. The authors of this blog are not obligated to give us any proof. Please understand this and try to cooperate with the authors, as they are going through deep emotional trauma.

Every day they are getting life endangering threats for this great work that they are doing. They are afraid of the consequences of these articles.

It would be a good idea to just take these articles as self-evident truths and live our life accordingly.

AoL-Free said...

Harry Potter & Co., you are asking the wrong people for evidence. It is Sri Sri and Co. you should be asking for evidence.

Anonymous said...

Don't fall for this smooth talking 'Harry Potter' feigning wide eyed cherubic innocence.

Have seen lots like this slimy 'Hurry Plotter'.

Prairie Princess said...

Oh, Harry, Harry, Harry..Why not just confess you're a shill for ravi ravi and gang? Why not ask ravi ravi for the emails or did you get them once upon a time?

WhistleBlower said...

Dear FAKE Tahir-ul-Qadri,
One thing is for sure, you are no Tahir, nor Arab nor Muslim. At least use a more appropriate Alias. How about “AOL/SriSri Agent in disguise” or better still “AOL/SriSri Agent trying to be in disguise”!
What really bothers you & your ilk is that I have actually given plenty evidence in my posts & anyone reading those posts can see it for themselves. In fact I quoted from the official directives & emails. Most active AOL people have the copy of the exact same emails anyway! It is all over the world!!
Fake Tahir, you are far too obvious & definitely on SriSri’s payroll! Any relation to Bawa by any chance?!

Anonymous said...

Klim, I think you are missing the point here. Please see

Peaceful Warrior said...

@Anon 6:05

AOL never gives out actual numbers (in fact do cook up numbers). The amount of work done is miniscule - but they do lot of propaganda. AOL does not do social work - the only thing they do is teach AOL courses.

All he would have done is have some token meetings, and then claim they are doing a "lot of work". While in fact they are not. There is no commitment to these social projects - because they don't bring in $. It's just something he uses to gain publicity and credibility.

It is all smoke and mirrors my friend. Don't be fooled by illusion!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:05 am

We cannot argue that RS is not doing any charity work, or engaging in meaningful diplomacy. His contribution is for the press and other diplomats to assess.

That said, the one right does not correct other wrongs. The means do not justify the ends. Many politicians do a lot of good - but we don't expect them to be saints. You can say that even Nithyananda was doing good work.

Saints and godmen however, have to be held to a higher standard. These standards are not set by society - but by saints who have come previously. RS fails to meet standards of even normal society - and yet people worship him.

He is a fallen yogi. There is a lot to learn from him, but he's not complete.

Tahir-ul-Qadri said...

@ SriSriSri Whistleblower ji Maharaj

Dear FAKE Tahir-ul-Qadri,
One thing is for sure, you are no Tahir, nor Arab nor Muslim. At least use a more appropriate Alias. How about “AOL/SriSri Agent in disguise” or better still “AOL/SriSri Agent trying to be in disguise”! ...

I do not have any ulterior motive. Nor do I represent any one from AOL. I've never volunteered for AOL and I do not have any blessed connection in the AOLF.

I'm like the alleged millions who paid a part of my honest income to AOLF to take a course or two. I've shared a part of my story in this blog in one of the previous posts.

I'm not an arab , as you guessed using some of your siddhis. Tahir-ul-Qadri, by the way is the name of a very learned scholar of Islam from pakistan. He is working hard to bring peace using islamic principles of life in the war torn regions. I admire him a lot.

Please understand that I'm not your enemy. I'm just a reader, who was trying to answer another reader's query.